According to The Verge, robocallers annoyed Americans with over 26 billion spam calls last year. That's an insane number which goes to give you an idea of the scale at which telemarketers and scam artists are exploiting these technology. Fortunately, there's a way to fight back!

Give robocallers the boot with a one-year subscription to Call Control Premium!

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Call Control Premium is a call blocking service that crowdsources its database of spam phone numbers from community reports and do not call complaints to squash any robocallers for the 12 million users who trust this time-saving service.

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On top of protecting you against nuisance robocalls, you'll also be able to block calls from anyone with a personal call and SMS blacklist, and you'll always know who's calling with reverse phone number lookup and enhanced caller ID.

Pay just $20 for a 1-year subscription to Call Control Premium!

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Typically a one-year subscription to Call Control Premium costs $30, but for a limited time you can save 33% and pay just $20. With the primaries for the 2020 US Election just ramping up now might be the perfect time to give this service a test.