Buy Ring's Floodlight Cam for $249 and get a free Video Doorbell

Right now, Amazon has a promotion that scores you a free Ring Video Doorbell with the purchase of a Ring Floodlight Cam (opens in new tab), which is a $100 savings. We've seen a bunch of discounts this week on Ring's popular home security gear, and this is definitely one of the better ones. With this package, you can now keep an eye on the front and back of your home with ease, without sacrificing any lighting that you had in place.

You can pick between black and white on the Floodlight Cam, and the doorbell comes in either silver or bronze, based on your preference. Setting these both up is a breeze. The Floodlight Cam does require electrical wires, as it's a hardwired option, but the doorbell can be used hardwired or using just the included rechargeable battery. You can buy a solar charger to ensure you're always powered up. The money you save here can be used towards your first year of cloud storage so you can always access your videos.

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