Video calls have sort of become the thing in a locked-down, post-pandemic world. Many of those calls happen because you need to conduct a business meeting or learn something at school, but sometimes you just want to talk to family and friends that are far away. If they haven't jumped on the video call bandwagon yet, we've got a way for you to help them out. Right now you can buy the Portal or Portal TV from Facebook and save $100 off the total when you buy a second one.

Normally buying two Portal devices would cost $358, but today it's only $258. The same thing is true for the Portal TV, where you can get two devices for $200 instead of the regular $300 it would cost. Or you can mix and match and get one Portal and one Portal TV and still save ($228 total in that case). Plus, while you're checking out you can choose to keep one for yourself and send the other one to a different address, like your parents' home, at no additional cost. The deal includes free 2-day shipping and free returns.

Portal From Facebook

Portal & Portal TV from Facebook

Add two Portal devices to your cart and save $100. That includes the Portal and the Portal TV, and you can even mix and match if you want both. Keep one for yourself and send another to your family at no additional cost.

If you don't know what Portal is, it's pretty simple. It's a smart display like the Echo Show 5 or the Nest Hub. The Portal and the Portal TV on sale here are part of Facebook's 2nd-generation of devices. They were updated earlier this year and have all the latest tech. Facebook's devices set themselves apart by being really good at one thing in particular: video calls. Portal's camera has smart A.I. technology that works while you call to track your movement, keep everyone on the screen, and ensure crystal-clear audio coming and going. This frees you up to set the display down on your counter and move around while you talk, letting you multi-task while you communicate.

Engage in group calls with up to 50 people if you're using Messenger Rooms. In addition to Messenger, Portal also works with WhatsApp, another Facebook property. Of course it's designed to work with third party apps, too, like Zoom, so you can join large group calls even with people that aren't using a Portal specifically.

In addition to the smart A.I., the Portal has other smart features as well. Amazon Alexa is built right into the device so you can use it just like any other smart home gear. Talk to Alexa and stream your favorite songs, turn off the lights, or get the latest news. Portal even has Augmented Reality effects that let you become a storybook character. Let it stir your imagination.

The Portal TV is similar in its functionality. The only difference is, really, is that it is designed to use your TV screen as the display instead of providing its own. It's obviously not as portable and can't be used anywhere like the regular Portal, but it does give you a chance to use a lot more real estate if you have a big screen.

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