Cases and Covers for the HTC 8X

Here at the WPCentral Store, we like to highlight the protective solutions that stand out and make an impression with our customers and staff. We're doing exactly that, today, with cases for the HTC 8X Windows Phone. Jump past the break to get a look at the entire selection!

Smartphone Experts Side Case for HTC 8X

This beautifully crafted HTC 8X leather case seats your Windows Phone perfectly with the screen facing in, or out. The precise stitching around the edges looks great and matches the color of the case itself. The front flap features a secure, magnetic snap closure that keeps your HTC 8X from falling out, no matter the activity.

The back of this leather case has a fixed leather belt clip that can be attached to your belt, pocket or purse. The clip can't be rotated, but is strong enough for casual, day to day use. The interior is also lined with a soft padding that keeps the front and back of your HTC 8X safe from scratches!

BodyGuardz UltraTough Clear ScreenGuardz for HTC 8X

When it comes to protecting your display, you're going to need the toughest screen guard you can get to keep scratches at bay. The UltraTough ScreenGuardz is an excellent screen protector for the HTC 8X, combining a custom fit with a completely clear design that doesn't diminish the quality of your device's display.

Made from the same material that's used to shield the front of vehicles from abrasive road debris, these UltraTough ScreenGuardz are the real deal. Each pack comes with two protectors and are easy to apply and remove, when necessary.

Incipio DualPro Hard Case with Silicone Core for HTC 8X

Tough, hybrid protection you can count on is what you can expect from Incipio's HTC 8X DualPro Hard Case. Packed with a shock absorbing silicone inner layer and plextonium exterior shell, this hybrid case provides unmatched protection against drops and scratches at all times.

Available in different color combinations, these HTC 8X DualPro cases grant you access to all the ports, buttons and features of the device while still shielding against damage. The exterior shell also has a soft coating that enhances your grip!

Body Glove Diamond Shell Case for HTC 8X

This HTC 8X case is unique in that it combines both plastic and silicone materials into one flexible, protective solution. It doesn't have the same relaxed form that you'd find in a regular skin, but a more stronger body that can absorb brutal impacts without spitting the phone out when it hits.

On the back you'll notice a diamond textured strip that goes from side to side, giving your HTC 8X an attractive, yet rugged appearance. As you might expect, there's access to all the features of the device including the camera, side buttons, speakers and ports.

Incipio Feather Hard Case for HTC 8X

Crafted for those seeking the least amount of bulk possible while still having a decent amount of protection, the Feather Case for the HTC 8X will be your new best friend.

This hard case is lightweight, easy to snap on and doesn't get in the way of the overall functionality of the HTC 8X. Available in black, pink, blue and gray, the Feather Case is one piece that easy encompasses your device and sports a soft, matte finish. It's simple, affordable and offers decent protection against drops.

OverBoard Waterproof Pro-Sport Arm Pack for HTC 8X

When it's time to hit the beach, take the boat out or go for a swim, taking your phone with you can be nerve-racking. But we understand the risk of water damage, and it's not something to be taken lightly.

With OverBoard's Waterproof Arm Pack you can enjoy all your favorite water-related activities without worrying about the consequences. Not only is this case 100% waterproof, but it's also submersible up to 19ft and floats on the surface in case you drop your HTC 8X in the water! Oh, and it comes with an adjustable arm band in case you prefer to keep your device on you.

Wrap up

Hopefully this brief guide of cases and covers for the HTC 8X has provided you with enough information to help you choose your next case with confidence. You can also check out the WPCentral Store for all your other Windows Phone accessory needs including chargers, headsets, car kits and more!

Brent Zaniewski