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Catwalk camera gets teased in UK TV ad prior to Tuesday's Nokia event

Nokia as of late has been all about teasing new phones before their announcement. The Verizon Nokia Lumia 928's camera was repeatedly teased before its formal reveal on Friday, and with a new Nokia Lumia announcement scheduled for Tuesday in London, Nokia's at it again. This time the teasing is happening on national television in the UK on Channel 4, with an advertisement noticed by TechCrunch that focuses on the camera of an as-of-yet unannounced Lumia device, followed by title cards reading "More than your eyes can see" and "The new Nokia Lumia is coming". In other words, the Catwalk cometh.

Unlike Nokia's teasing of the Lumia 928 where the focus was on images produced by the camera, the new teaser ad focuses on the physical camera unit itself, with close-up shots of the raised lens and dual-LED flash. Unlike the Lumia 920, 928, and, well, every Lumia excepting the 520/521 and the 710, the camera featured here is not surrounded by a glossy black or silver plate. In fact, there's a distinct lack of branding around the camera, with just a hint of lettering on the other side of its hump.

The shape and placement of the camera, the flash, and the branding are consistent with the image leak of the Catwalk from last month. By all appearances the Catwalk appears to be built with an aluminum body frame while still possessing a plastic-type back panel. The device is also reportedly significantly lighter and thinner, though unlike the current flagship Lumia 920/928 combo, the Catwalk does not appear to come with built-in wireless charging.

Regardless, we're less than two days from the official unveil of the new Nokia Lumia XXX, with yet another improved camera and a build radically different from anything Nokia's released as a Lumia before. What do you think?

Update: Our folks over at The Verge managed to snag a copy of the ad - it's below.

Source: TechCrunch, The Verge

Derek Kessler is Special Projects Manager for Mobile Nations. He's been writing about tech since 2009, has far more phones than is considered humane, still carries a torch for Palm, and got a Tesla because it was the biggest gadget he could find. You can follow him on Twitter at @derekakessler.

  • Just keep'm coming. The only question I'd like answered does it have external storage?
  • It better with the amount of space pictures will take.

    im ready for this.
  • Judging by the picture that thing has a similar loudspeaker to the 928, and the printing on the back suggest no removable battery.. I suspect this is a 9xx variant.. Nevertheless, this is very exciting news.
  • That dodge viper is at the holt fiat dealership in Hurst
  • Yeah, I saw it. They had a red one parked out front! Its so clean, but $$$$
  • It would be just normal to name it 9XX, as there is the 900, its successor 920 and now something like 940 or maybe just 930 because there aren't so many new things in it.
  • looks like ithas a huge bezel from the first picture, so it seems like a no no to me...
  • Remember photos aren't necessarily more megapixels. The large sensor uses oversampling to give better quality in same resolution.
  • Yeah, im sick of not having external storage on my 920.. I blew through that 32gb fast!!
  • I have 70+ games, 100+ apps, and over 1500 picture/videos(all 1080p).. I still have 14gb free.. What are you doing to use all 32gb lol?
  • I have to call bull on this one sir! Lol
  • 32GB is a ton of space when you have skydrive backups of photos/videos you can keep off your phone.  It would be nice to have a 64GB version for hard core users, but as long as its got a 32GB, most people should be just fine.
    I have 12GB free and a crap ton of apps & games.
  • I think one of the biggest problems that is messing people up with Windows Phone 8 is the mysterious "Other" storage.  I would be fine with app and game storage on my Lumia 822 (16GB Internal) if it didn't have the "Other" storage matching the space I have used for games and apps.  Currently my apps and games sit at about 6GB but my Other storage is the same at about 6GB.  I have already hard reset twice since I got the device to clear this out.... but over time it creeps back up there.  Don't get me wrong... I love the device and the OS.  But this is something significant that needs to be addressed immediately.
  • Hasn't that been fixed with the beta tool from Nokia?
  • Bull on what?
  • 16 GB Lumia 822 w/ 64GB SD card, only about 8 GB left between the two.
  • Wow!.. Sounds like you need a .5TB external HD for your phone.. Lol!
  • Hahaha...thats a nice one...
  • I've wondered this too. I see everyone constantly complain about it, but im sitting on at least 18 at all times, with a bunch of stuff on my phone.
    Mainly just curious what it is that gives people problems.
  • yeah i dont know why people are saying 32 is not enough. I have a ton of photos, my entire xbox music downloaded to phone and still have around 14 free.
  • One word.. MUSIC!! I have 13gb of music alone on my device.. For me a true high end Lumia device needs to have a 64gb option.. I agree that 32GB is more than enough for the average user, but it would be nice to at least have the option of a 64gb phone.. Or, its simple,,, just give us a SD card slot.. What's so hard about this?
  • I agree at least one high end Nokia should have 64GB internal or have a SD slot. Doesn't really matter to me though, I got the 822 w/ 80GB altogether.
  • get google music and a good data plan. dump upto 20k songs for free and save the native space. let gooroovster app do the rest for you.
  • Its Music that's taking up my space.. What's wrong with having either expandable storage, or a 64gb option for those who need it?
  • ^^this, music is the issue, my collection is over 25gb, and it would be nice if I could have the whole thing on my phone and not just select few albums.
    And no I am not interested in streaming my music from the cloud or use some other crap streaming subscription service like Xbox music, I like to own my music and not be drawn into a never ending subscription hell.
  • Yeah, streaming isn't an option with a limited data plan anyways.. And, you're right.. I can get a one month pass and download like crazy, then just cancel it and still listen to my music.. No need to pay for a monthly subscription when you have 4000 songs on your phone.
  • Google Music. Own your own.
  • Google Music. Own your own.
  • "Music Junkies" I know don't rely on their smartphone alone to store all their music. So yea that's only some peoples problems and not the whole worlds. I'm a big WP fan/user but have a portable music player just for, music.
  • That's backwards thinking! And, why shouldn't we TOTALLY rely on our phones for music? The devices have access to thousands of songs, and all we need is more storage.. Apple, and Android devices have more storage options, so why can't WP?.. Doesn't it seem smarter to cary just one device for everything?? Duhhhh Smartphone!!!
  • Why shouldn't we TOTALLY rely on our phones? Because there's not enough room. If you're a music junky, you're not toting around compressed music, you're using a lossless codec of some sort. I have what I would consider to be a modest digital music collection (~700 albums) at it's currently a little under 300GB. 
  • First of all it's not about being or not being a music junkie. You guys are steering away from the point. The argument isn't about being able to load thousands of high fidelity songs, rather that for some 32gb simply isn't enough to hold all their music, apps, games, and videos.. The sound quality is fine for me if it allows more music to fit.. Carrying a separate device for music in 2013 is just out of the question for some people.
  • Ah - so you're saying that it's not about the files that I want to store (but can't), but that it's about the files that you want to store (but can't). Gotcha. 
  • Companies think Majority, not minority. 64gb won't fill your needs anyways. But an average user can't even use up 32 now, and 64 means an extra 32GB unused which is overkill for both parties. Duh? You've got other Nokia devices that provide SD slots so you do have a choice. I would love more storage for my music as well but I understand why it isn't all that necessary either. It is not backwards thinking to have a separate music player because its all about the quality also (if you're an audiophile). If not you could just go with services like Spotify. Whole world in your hands. Duh right.
  • No! Not the point. I have a 920, and I have less than 5gb storage left.. And, im not yet done putting my music collection together. Some of us want more storage in a high end Lumia device so we won't run low before we feel satisfied. I think 64gb would be good for me. If you don't need it then good for you, but some want more so why open your mouth about that? Why?
  • 32 GB onboard with a microSD slot satisfies everyone. If you don't want more storage you'll never buy a card for it. Currently those that want more space have to settle for inferior phone models. A microSD card is removable, so you can have potentially hundreds of gigs of storage for your phone. One card for movies, another for party music, another for driving music, another for podcasts or audio books... The options are endless. Right now we can only either limit our selections or spend time stuffing around to shuffle the space around
  • +1
  • +1!
  • Bottom line is, a top of the line device like the 920 should have an option for MicroSD as standard, that is why we are willing to pay more for the best phones, to have better specs and more options. Not to be limited by storage or other stuff.
  • The question is to your statement.... if I paid for the 64GB version then what the hell do they care if I use it or not?  Also streaming music isn't a great option for all as the data caps that most carriers put on them.  No one wants to pay a subscription and then data overages just to listen to music that they want to hear or that they already own (Google Music).
  • Of course "music junkies" don't only rely on their phone to store all there music.
    I have 2 external HD each w/ my collection, plus a copy on my desktops HD ...but I like to have all of my music with me at all times, always have. That's why I have 10,000 songs on my phone.
    No point in having lossless songs on anything portable. The only stereo system I have that you could appreciate that sound is my home system. Its a waste in my truck, and pretty much anywhere else... 320 kbps is just fine.
  • Music kills my memory too 64 GB would be way better
  • +1 on Music!
  • Music!
  • most of the space is consumed by Videos & Pictures, i filled 32 GB in no time, had to delete videos to make some room.
  • How????
  • Really?
  • And 25GB SkyDrive?
  • When you have 150MB / month data plan then what good is SkyDrive? Sure I can use WiFi, but then I have a PC available so I don't need my phone.
  • My 920 will be a virtual dinosaur.
  • And if our devices are supposed to be used as our main music player then why won't they at least give us more storage options.. Why do you guys think they make iPods with such large storage,, for music only!! Some people listen to a lot of different genres of music, and this makes for some very large collections.
  • And you really need thousands of hours of music in your phone? Don't have a PC? ;)
  • Yes, because I use my device in my car. My device is my only source of music in my car. I don't use my radio, or CD player because the radio sux, and CD's are not going to cut it anymore.. Some people have a huge variety of music they listen to on a daily basis, and don't want to hear the same song often.. But, screw all that! What's so hard about just making a phone with more storage options? Why do we have to argue that? For those who don't need it fine, and for those who do it would be nice to have.. No need to ask someone why they want something. We're all adults and we know what we need, and want, and don't need to be convinced otherwise.... And no, im not going to tote my laptop around with me everywhere I go for music.. What's wrong with you? Lol
  • What's wrong with a laptop?
    Just tell people it's the new galaxy note... ;)
  • Haha!
  • Buy an 820 instead. Problem solved.
  • No! That would be settling. What's wrong with wanting a high end device with 64GB of storage? Its not unheard of is it?
    WP is awesome, and users shouldn't have to always settle.
  • Tell us how much storage you think is neccessary for your high end WP device.. Vote here..
  • Sometimes people have to learn to settle. I prefer not to have any removable the phone a smooth finish and a premium feel. Either you need max storage(Ativ S, Lumia 820) or you need more than a reasonable amount which is what the 920 holds. Either way its not settling but choosing what fits your needs most. People like myself prefer the low cost maintenance of devices without removable, breakable parts. My Titans cover and battery both cost extra to replace. Do you know how hard it was to replace that cheap plastic back? My 920's battery is covered under warranty, nothing removable on other phones is covered by the warranty. I gave my mother the Titan and she somehow managed to damage the port due to the cover still being on(still not sure how she did it exactly) but you get the point.
  • How would having a microSD slot in the 920 affect you in the slightest? You only need 32 GB and will never use the slot... So it will never break.
    I want a top-end phone with microSD. The ONLY choice is the ATIV, so that's not giving us a choice at all.
  • +1
  • That's just this point in time, where the OS and hardware are as far technology and do have to settle. There are options for more storage. None for a high end device with more storage....certainly some good mid-level phones with storage.(820,720,Ativ S) ....if you really are a music junkie, I'm assuming you listen to alot through out the day. These smartphones can do it all...but I would think battery life would more important. I cant imagine your phone would last a day of charge while constantly playing music at home, on the go, or in your car. That's why I have a iPod just for music that I leave plugged into my point is at this point in time, settling is exactly what your going to have to do.
  • Yeah, brilliant... The crappier model has more storage than the flagship phone. If I buy a top-end phone I should want for nothing. Imagine buying a $3000 PC and it can only have a single 32 GB drive, but the $1000 model can have as much space as it wants. The top-end model should be the best, not have certain features crippled and worse than lesser models.
  • ^This^
  • Neat.
  • 2 days till crunch time cant wait to see this beast unleashed!
  • Argh, is anyone else frustrated by the camera bump? You can't lay it flat!
  • assuming that you lay it down on a flat surface, the lense wouldn't be touched.
  • I agree.....
  • I'm not happy about the bump either. It detracts from a clean look, IMHO.
  • Channeling My best Fergie. My hump my hump my little Lumia hump. Check it out.
  • I don't mind the hump per se, I think I would just prefer a cylindrical push-out with straight, rather than sloping, edges.
    I think that would be a much stronger look, evocative of the lens of an SLR.
  • Unfortunately, I think that it would also catch on stuff more easily, which could result in damage (to the phone or the thing it's caught on).
  • Yeah, you're probably right.
  • Nobody is forcing you to buy it. If you want bigger and better camera element there is obviously a price to pay just like with the N8.
  • If there is a hump, its there for a reason.
  • Not saying I wouldn't buy one with the right specs, but I do not like humps on my devices. Very unattractive.
  • But, do you like humping?
  • So tacky.
  • Lol! Sorry... Lol!
  • The wireless charging shell may add extra thickness that gets rid of the bump.
  • The bump is very samsungish.
  • more like HTC'ish asnd I like it. I loved my Titan. Adds personality... Like cloud walking aroun with his giant sword
  • Agreed. I also sport a Titan right now and the bump is no issue. Both the screen and the lense are protected from lying against a flat surface.
    Looking for this one as I love the aluminum Titan.
  • Still got my Titan and T-II, as well as my 920. Think the T-II Body, with the 12mp camera bump and the curved glass chin is my favorite phone for looks and grip. Could one hand txt with it even with 4.7" screen... It layed down on the bump but never hurt the lense... I love the camera on my 920 and would rather a bump and a great camera, especially if it upped the 920. Buy it on day One!
  • I was thinking HTC.. Yeah, definitely more like HTC's old design..
  • Obviously we haven't seen the whole design, but if you sit it down on a flat surface, wouldn't it tip from side to side? Doing the double-tap to awaken would be difficult and loud. And wouldn't the lens be very susceptible to scratching, being out there like that?
  • I'm just not fond of this design. If Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, and Motorola can make phones without huge bumps, and much thinner, why can't Nokia.. I'm starting to think that Nokia doesn't know how to make a thin phone.. I still haven't seen that "perfect" Lumia device yet. Well, the 920 is almost,, if it had expandable storage.
  • i second this, and the post above this one.
  • No one has so far included a larger sensor or camera optics as Nokia has. L920 and 928: hardware OIS. I am sure, if they make it super thin, that makes the whole assembly vulnerable to failure by drops. 
    It's a balance of thickness vs durability and in my observation, Nokia always gives preference to durability, which in my opinion is the right way to go. 
  • What if it has the rumored 41 -megapixel Pureview camera? Then I would completely understand the "hump". And to say "Samsung, Motorola, HTC, etc." can manufacture a phone without "humps" is true, but they don't have 41 - megapixel Pureview to compensate for ;)
  • You haven't heard of Nokia 808 with a bigger bump? I don't think people have had any such issues as you are assuming this will have. 
  • What's HTC's new design? Hybrid copy of Lumia and iPhone design with Asian touch.
  • Its still a unique design language lol.
  • i definitely am.
  • I hope there's no bump. seems ugly.
  • I don't want to get too excited becuase I might get disappointed being on T-Mobile.
  • + 1
    Please be T-Mobile so I can retire my Trophy!
  • I doubt screen will be larger than the L920 or L928, if so still cuddling my ATIV S on T-Mobile.
  • ATIV S on T-Mobile? I'm running a Rogers 920 pentaband and it runs perfect. On your ATIV S do you only get 2G/Edge? I looked on eBay a lot and all I seen was att capable phones. Which will work on T-Mobile but you get slow internet.
  • I'm kinda leaning in this same direction if this turns out to be a big T-Mo tease.
  • The Canadian T899M ATIV S is 100% compatible with T-Mobile's 3G and 4G LTE networks. It has pentaband 3G including AWS and has LTE band 4 whichis what T-Mobile uses for LTE.
    It's falsely advertised on eBay as being compatible with AT&T. AT&T requires both LTE band 4 and 17 and the vast majority (if not all) of their LTE network runs on band 17. 
  • I appreciate the info. I sent a offer to one one on eBay. I didn't realize the ATIV S was pentaband like my Rogers 920. I did notice now there's 2 ATIV S models. Thanks again.
  • Got my ATIV S from new and have access to 3G & 4G on T-Mobile. However I have yet to get the mobile hotspot to work. But overall its sweet.
  • Vodafone UK have already announced they will be at the event and that they will be selling this device after its announcement.
  • Do you have a source?? Thanks 
  • Vodfone actually made the announcement on one of the social networks, twitter im thinking. I don't have the info handy right now though, but they did confirm.
  • Ohh ok.. I'll check it out.
  • I think mynokiablog or wmpoweruser had an article about this before couple of days.
  • UK? Why does the UK always get the latest Nokia goodness?
  • Ahem! Lumia 900? And what did AT&T do with it?
    I think Nokia might have realised that launching new landmark phones in their weakest market is a fail.
  • Trophy? That's on Verizon, are jumping on over to the T-Mobile ship?
  • T-mobile has disappointed me so many times, I even call to complain about the midrange phone bull. I switches to ATT just to get the 920.
  • Tmobile sucks, they're just showing lame iPhone 5 commercials.
  • Who doesn't show lame iPhone commercials? Apparently people still want it even though it is much if the same and an "ok" phone in my opinion. I think the iPhone alone brought idk how many customers back to T-Mobile and T-Mobile sort of needs that...
  • I hope this goes to T-Mobile for you.. I'm on at&T, and im sick of the goods not being spread out more.. Besides, if this goes to TM I can only dream about what at&T will get next.. So, yes im still a selfish little bitch.. Lol!
  • I agree...
  • I'm all for Nokia flooding the market, but this is getting harder and harder to plan purchases. It seems like next month they'll have something even better (Eos?). I wish they would consolidate all their releases kinda like, just release a plethora of phones of all price ranges at once and let consumers enjoy them for a year before having to salivate again, lol.
    That looks like a rather large apeture though. Looking at my 900 comparing the size of the dual led flash and the opening, they look almost the same size, the camera opening being a tiny bit wider than the flash, but here it looks twice the size. It's like they're taking the 720 camera, throwing OIS at it, then maybe using the 808's tech as well?
  • No, this is exactly what they need to do... Constant news headlines. Stay in the public mind... Cheap, beautiful, advanced, and moving forward. Same strategy as Samsung.
  • At this point, just pick a device that fits your needs. So far I'm very impressed with all these devices. I don't think you can go wrong with any of these devices. I'm 99.9% sure all these Lumia WP8 devices will be upgradeable to any new OS updates....Blue or GDR.2
  • Exactly!
  • I respectfully disagree with you because I think its good to keep WP in the spotlight year round.. Its good for awareness. Just imagine how great it would be if the other two put forth as much effort as Nokia.. We'd probably be sitting at 10% market share as we speak, and I guarantee you Instagram would be on board already..
  • Look at the's sticking out from the phone. Guys, I think we are in for something awesome! ;D
  • Yes it looks like the lense is bigger than whats on the 920/928 but we will just have to wait, im sure nokia will tease a bit more before Tuesday.
  • Sounds like a very masculine phone. Now us boys can compare how big our lenses are and how much they "stick out" relative to other, puny phones with obvious lens envy. They'll be crying "But what about shrinkage!". Now phones will be labeled "shower" or "grower".
  • That's pretty funny.
  • I know you are trying to be funny, but fyi: it's not working, your'e not funny at all. Do something else in your life, standup is not your thing. 
  • Maybe psychology?
  • I thought he was funny, I think when you said "your'e not funny at all." you were speaking for yourself and not for others.
  • That lens look big..or is just me
  • Looks big to me too, might be a better lens than 920.
  • Can't help but feel really "meh" here. If rumors are true, then it's just a reskinned 920. If Nokia wants to experiment with body design, go right ahead. But this phone isn't coming with a major hardware or software upgrade. There's no reason to have a launch event for a mid mid-cycle phone.
  • There's no reason for this or the 928 to exist at all.
  • The 928 exists because of Verizon.
  • 928 should have existed in november 2012 though, not now when the 930/940/whatever will be out this november.
  • Well, Nokia isn't in a position yet to call the shots with US carriers. US carriers want exclusivity from Nokia, and Nokia couldn't release the 920 to all carriers, due to carriers exclusive needs for a company that isn't very strong in the US and their supply shortages. The 920 for AT&T was a 6-month exclusive, and Verizon obviously didn't want a 920 look-alike, a Nokia had to comply if they wanted any sort of revenue from Verizon.
    In short, it's not Nokia's fault.
  • Nokia also needs financial help with marketing and promotion. Only way to get that is to offer an exclusive.
  • This
  • Well, Verizon likely paid/struck a deal with Nokia to have a flagship phone that wasn't the exact same one on AT&T, which is why the 928 exists.
  • What are you talking about? Where have you been the past 2.5 years?
  • Unbelievable. The phone is not released yet, and somehow apparently random commenters know all the specs. /s
    For all we know, this phone could have 200mp camera. Yes, 200.
  • Lol!
  • Not enough, it needs to be over 9000.
  • LOL
  • lol, not likely dude.  The sensor would be massive (probably as bigger than your face if it had a 200mp sensor).  But sadly, this is not the EOS.  Words cannot describe how disappointed I am that I probably won't be replacing my flawed 808 till later this year. 
  • Flawed because it doesn't run WP8?
  • Yes and no.  Flawed because Belle does not give me that user experience I get from other OS's on the market.  Give me Windows Phone...or anything, I would switch OS's in a heartbeart away from Belle.  This phone also plagues me with constant resets (I think everytime I switch from a 2G/3G network) (I live here in the States -on the outskirts of San Antonio, and this happens at least 4 or 5x's a day if I use it as my daily driver phone).  I get a weak 3G connection whenever I go into the city (which is pretty much everyday).  It would be cool to have HSDPA or LTE like I do on my Titan.  This phone was meant for consumers in other parts of the world other than in the States I think...even though buying an unlocked version of the phone.  I love the camera, don't get me wrong.  Obviously, the camera was the sole purpose of getting this phone, as I am a photographer.  And basically the camera is the only thing that is keeping me from upgrading to any other Nokia model atm.  If the EOS is coming, I will wait for it.   
  • Video Link
  • No Xenon flash for this one?
  • Yeah, I would think a Lumia with a 41mp sensor would have a Xenon flash.. Not sure if this is the big one.. Its most likely a 9xx counterpart.. We're probably going to have to wait for "Eos" before we see Nokia seriously innovative again.
  • 41 megapixels is no laughing matter on a phone. I will wait to see what the phone looks like. Based on the cyan Lumia 920, I would expect something nice from Nokia.
  • <