Charge all the things with this $12 Anker wall charger

Surfaceduo Magnetic Charger
Surfaceduo Magnetic Charger (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

Take one look around your house, and chances are, something likely needs to be recharged. You could rummage through a bunch of things to try to charge whatever it is, or you could just grab this $12 Anker charger and plug pretty much anything in. This is one of the best Cyber Monday gaming gear deals, as you might need something to charge up those new headphones or even your Xbox Series X controller.

The Anker PowerPort III supports up to 20W charging speeds, making it a great companion for those who want an extra Surface Duo 2 charger. Although it falls a bit short of the Surface Duo 2's 23W peak charging speeds, the PowerPort III comes "close enough." It also features a foldable prong design, which is perfect for those who want a compact charger to throw in their bags when traveling.

Anker 20W PowerPort III

Anker 20W PowerPort III

The Anker PowerPort III features up to 20W charging speeds via a single USB-C port. It also offers a foldable plug design, making it perfect to throw in your bag to keep your devices charged up while you're on the go.

Anker is one of the most well-known brands out there when it comes to charging accessories, and the PowerPort III is just one reason why. This tiny little charger has so much tech packed into it, that it might make your head spin.

In addition to being super small and portable, Anker has integrated enough charging protection to ensure that nothing goes wrong. This includes Anker's MultiProtect safety system which combines temperature controls and overvoltage protection to ensure that your phone, nor the charger, will overheat. And if something does end up happening to the PowerPort III over time, Anker offers an 18-month worry-free guarantee.

Andrew Myrick