Chime in: Do you use your Surface Pro more as laptop, tablet or desktop?

Surface Pro 5
Surface Pro 5 (Image credit: Windows Central)

The new Surface Pro is equally suited for use as a laptop, tablet and desktop — though it does lack "lapability."

At Windows Central, those of us who use Surface 2-in-1s purposefully use them in every way we can think of, because we want to know the devices inside and out. But we do tend to lean toward one mode or another. Forum member cowboy6201 recently started a thread asking the community about their preferences for form factor when using the Surface Pro.

Do you put on your keyboard and use it as a Lapp or leave it off and use it as a Tablet? I use mine 90% as a Tablet 10% as a Lapp.y.


Personally, I use my Surface Pro mostly as a desktop, connected to two big-ass displays, a Surface ergonomic keyboard and a Surface Arc Mouse. Some days, I work in coffee shops around Boston (where I wrote this post), and I use my PC as a laptop along with a Surface Pro Signature Type Cover. But I rarely use my Pro in tablet mode. The only time I do is when traveling, to read ebooks or surf the web. Honestly, though, I'd rather surf in laptop mode, and my Kindle Paperwhite is much better for reading.

Should you buy an ergonomic keyboard?

How about you? How do you use your Surface Pro most often? And why? Do you use it as a tablet, and if so, how? Hit the forum link below and chime in.

From the forums: How do you use your Surface, as a Laptop or a Tablet?

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