Chime in: How is your Surface Go for gaming?

One of the biggest questions we get about the new Surface Go is how well it runs games. In our review, Exec Editor Daniel Rubino found that even the 4GB model can handle light gaming pretty well, running titles competently on reduced resolutions. Have you managed to push it further?

Forum user breakingpoint0 would like to hear opinions on how well the Surface Go runs games, in the thread below.

I'm very intrigued by the new Go, specifically the upgraded version. I do light gaming on my 8 year old laptop (Lenovo T430 with the 3rd Gen i5, 8GB RAM, Intel HD 4000): WoW, Guild Wars 2, FTL, stuff like that. I'm curious if anyone has tried using their new Go for any of that level of gaming. Nothing new or revolutionary, but older and graphically less intensive stuff. I will guess it's not the...


While I haven't gotten my hands on the Surface Go yet, I managed to run many Win32 titles from Steam on the far less powerful Surface 3 of yesteryear. Well-optimized titles such as Overwatch and older games like World of Warcraft are totally playable on older devices, and even then, you have decades of legacy Win32 games on Steam and at your disposal, that do not require high-end GPUs to run. Those should all run pretty well on Go.

What have your experiences been like so far? Jump in the forum thread and let us know.

From the forums: Can you game on the Surface Go?

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