Chime in: Share your favorite Sea of Thieves merchandise

Microsoft's pirate-themed adventure game, Sea of Thieves, recently hit store shelves, promising exhilarating adventures in search of digital booty. And as Microsoft's first major exclusive game of the year, its release has been commemorated with a variety of merchandise and accessories. While this isn't uncommon for Microsoft titles, the response has been notable over previous titles.

Among the accessories line was the limited-edition Sea of Thieves controller, which sports a unique nautical design stylized with barnacles and pirate markings. Other highlights include a portable Seagate 2TB hard drive, controller stands and various books, each which provide their own take on the game's world.

A similar discussion surfaced on the Windows Central forums, with users sharing their thoughts on the Sea of Thieves product line.

So Sea of Thieves is officially available for Xbox One in all of its glory. And many an Xbox gamer is all-in on this game right now. Rare and Microsoft and others know how popular the game will be so they created a ton of different branded accessories, including a gnarly controller, a Game Drive and endless other swag for all ye skallywags. Though the controller has proven to be somewhat...

Al Sacco

As always, we want to hear from you! Have you picked up any of the Sea of Thieves accessories or merchandise? Which are your favorites from the range? Drop into the forum thread linked below with your thoughts.

Matt Brown

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