Chime in: Should you wait for an updated Surface Pro or buy now?

The latest Surface Pro was released June 15, 2017, and it's proven to be an exceptional 2-in-1 device with a beautiful display, performance hardware within, and plenty of worthwhile accessories. At just over a year old, however, it sits in that grey area where a new model might be announced soon.

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Some people, including Windows Central forum member Santiago Del Bono Lonardi, are wondering whether or not the current Surface Pro is still worth buying, or if it might not be a bad idea to wait awhile and see what's next for the Pro line-up.

Hi, Today I have an HP Elitebook x2 1012 G1 as my secondary device, is a good device but a a little bulky and the battery life is so-so. I was thinking to sell it and get a new SP2017 (i5 256GB), again, is as my secondary device for my home. Thing is that I am asking if I should not wait till the new "SP 5" (with type C ) arrives... I didn't hear anything about a new SP..., should I buy...

Santiago Del Bono Lonardi

Santiago Del Bono Lonardi later mentions that he's tempted by a deal that includes a Type Cover with a 128GB Surface Pro, but still isn't 100 percent sure what to do. There are some answers already, including wise advice about doing homework and pulling the trigger if the current Surface Pro does check all the boxes.

What do you think? Is it worth picking up a Surface Pro right now? What about other Surface Pro alternatives? Head over to the forum thread and let Santiago Del Bono Lonardi know what you think.

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