Lenovo Yoga 520

We've been charging batteries for decades, but with more efficient components and advancement in charging technology, it takes less time to transfer power from the grid into devices. More and more laptops support faster charging, following the smartphone, but should you be making full use of this handy feature?

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Hi! I just got Lenovo Yoga 520, there's an option to enable fast charge, should I keep that on always? Or only in case of emergency? Thank you!


Just like fast-charging your mobile device, your laptop battery will get hot — and the more frequently a battery is heated, the more its total capacity will decline. Not to mention that a hot battery will tax the cooling system in your laptop, limiting performance if it can't keep up. And there's the matter that it'll be hot and not so fun to use on your lap.

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There are ways to help make cells last longer like charging slower, but depending on use and how often a notebook is replaced, it may not be a major factor. What about you? Do you always fast charge your laptop (and other devices) if supported?

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