Cities: Skylines 'Campus' expansion adds colleges, sports, and universities

Today, Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order announced the next expansion for Cities: Skylines called "Campus." Campus allows you to construct new area for students like a trade school, liberal arts college, and university. The teams said that, "players will be able to increase the reputation of their campuses by attracting students." With five types of varsity sports arenas, nine unique faculties, seven new policies, and five new maps, Campus will give you more to do on May 21 for $13.

Keep in mind that Campus is only coming to PC on May 21. It's unclear when it'll hit Xbox One, but it may not happen until 2020. The console editions haven't received a lot of the content yet. You can take a look at some of the major features in Campus below.

  • Degrees of Freedom: Design your own campus based on three area types.
  • Sports: Bring college sports to your city by building football, basketball, baseball, and swimming arenas.
  • Syllabuster: Employ seven new policies including book fairs and for-profit education.
  • We Fancy: Display your scientific achievements in museums.
  • Cheers: Celebrate with your citizens during graduation ceremonies.

Are you interested in the Campus expansion? Let us know.

Cities: Skylines is currently available through Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Game Pass is a monthly subscription service which gives you access to over a hundred games for a set fee.

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  • That looks great, I'll be buying it!
  • Just when I think I've finished playing Cities something like this releases. Added to wishlist.
  • I just wish they finally fix traffic AI
  • I play the game. I have all the addons. ill probly buy this. its just the game with all the addons when it loads my pc hits like almost 15 gb usage. that combined with a few mods and addons and assests jut a few that I have loaded. but ya the game is a processor hog. I have the fps mod that never gets above 30. eventually a city gets to big for my old pc. I haven't maxed my city on my new pc. but my old one was close to 250 000 people and it made it to hard to record via obs. will see if I ever get that big again. I tend to be to obsessed with moveit. and moving every road block just to make it perfect now. like the image you show that was all built in with mods. that isn't actualy the game ;)