Come and join the official Windows Central Forza Horizon 4 club!

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Forza Horizon 4's clubs feature is integrated with the Xbox Clubs platform for this year's game, so while the feature isn't new, its setup is. Because it piggybacks on the Xbox Clubs platform, you no longer need to be inside the game to interact with it.

And with the game about to go on general release, what better time to launch the official Windows Central Forza Horizon 4 club!

Each club can take 2,000 members, so there's plenty of space, and for this year you can interact with your club and fellow members through the Xbox One dashboard and through the Xbox app on Windows 10. That's also where you can find us to join up. Whether you're in the game or in the Xbox app or dashboard, search for "Windows Central" and you'll find us with the tag "WCN." All others are imposters!

Thanks to the shared world experience and the team-based multiplayer aspects of Forza Horizon 4, it really is a game to enjoy with friends. Joining a club is a great way to find other Forza fans to race with, so come on in!

If you've yet to pick it up, the Ultimate Edition is on sale now for $100 with the regular edition and Xbox Game Pass release launching on October 2.

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Richard Devine
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