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2 years ago

My Friend Spooner, a comic book adventure for Windows Phone


My Friend Spooner is a Windows Phone game that fuses the storyline of a comic book with a platform video game. You join three amigos, Husk, Tent and Spooner, on an adventure searching for hidden treasure and avoid dangers along the way.

Graphics are nicely drawn up and reminds me a little of the popular Windows Phone game Dark Lands. Gaming controls consists of a series of screen gestures and each of the fifty-two levels of play are full of challenges to discover the path to get all your characters to the exit.

Available for low-memory devices, My Friend Spooner is another project supported by Microsoft's App Campus and an entertaining title to add to your Windows Phone gaming library.

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2 years ago

Get apps, movies and more for free via Verizon's Connection Day promotion

2 years ago

Microsoft launches Lumia 535 in India; available starting November 28 for INR 9,199


Lumia 535, the first Windows Phone from Microsoft, was announced earlier this month adding another affordable Windows Phone device to the budget Lumia range.

At a press event in New Delhi today, Microsoft launched the Lumia 535 in India. While the Lumia 535 sounds like an upgrade to the Lumia 530, thanks to 1GB RAM, front camera, and rear camera flash, it is a considerable upgrade over the Lumia 630 as well. The Lumia 535 that will be available in India is a dual-SIM version.

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2 years ago

Download box set collections from Xbox Music for just $2 (US only)

2 years ago

Watch our Xbox One platformer Twitch stream tonight and win Kalimba codes! [ended]


We've got a busy week of Xbox One Twitch streaming lined up for you guys, and plenty of great prizes to sweeten the deal! Tonight at 8pm Central (9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific) we'll give you a chance to see two new and upcoming 2D platformers.

First we'll stream our first look at Kalimba, the latest game from Press Play, makers of Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and Tentacles. Kalimba won't launch until December 17, so tune in to see it early! After that, we'll stream Thomas Was Alone, the clever and artistic ID@Xbox platformer from Mike Bithell and Curve Digital.

The stream has ended, but you can still watch the archive videos to see what each game was like. Don't miss them!

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2 years ago

Windows 10 to support FLAC audio format

2 years ago

We chat with the co-founder of Lucid Games about Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions


It started out as a mini-game inside Project Gotham Racing 2 for the original Xbox but Geometry Wars has grown since then to become a well known stand alone game franchise on its own. This week, the arcade shooter series gets a new installment, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions, from UK-based Lucid Games. It's being published by Activision as the first game under their revitalized Sierra brand, which will be dedicated to launching smaller, downloadable titles.

Geometry Wars 3's biggest feature is that it uses 3D grids for the first time, as players control their ship and combat a variety of enemies with different power ups in its unique retro art style. The game is out this week for the PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360 platforms, among others. We got a chance to ask some questions, via email, to Lucid Games co-founder Craig Howard about their work on Geometry Wars 3.

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2 years ago

China levies $140 million fine against Microsoft for tax evasion

2 years ago

Learning a new language is like playing a game with Duolingo for Windows Phone


Duolingo, the popular and free language-learning app launched on Windows Phone last week, and I've been playing with it to refresh my Spanish lessons from high school. I like it because it feels like a game I have to beat. If you haven't tried it out yet, we've installed Duolingo on the Lumia 930 and placed it in front of the camera. Go watch the hands-on video.

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2 years ago

Windows App Studio developers can now add Twitter feeds to their apps

2 years ago

Climb the evolutionary ladder with the Windows Phone game Sparkle 2 Evo, this week's myAppFree deal


Sparkle 2 Evo is a game of survival for our Windows Phone that has you rising up from the primordial goo as a tiny aquatic creature and progress up the evolutionary ladder.

The evolutionary path has several options including becoming an aggressive carnivore, a sluggish herbivore or an omnivore, which is described as something in between a carnivore and herbivore. The game include 15 levels of play and plenty of boss-like battles to fight.

Available for low-memory Windows Phone, Sparkle 2 Evo normally runs $2.99 but through the myAppFree deal, you can pick it up for free over the next 24 hours.

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2 years ago

Threema's Windows Phone secure messaging app is due out on Thursday

2 years ago

Windows 10 9879 preview build gets another patch to fix an IE Flash Player issue

2 years ago

Get $70 off select Xbox One bundles during Black Friday and Cyber Monday

2 years ago

Facebook Beta updated with ability to view sticker comments and more

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