Core i5 Surface Pro 4 gets a solid $200 discount from Microsoft

Surface Pro 4
Surface Pro 4 (Image credit: Windows Central)

If you're in the market for a moderately powerful Surface Pro 4, now's your chance to score a pretty good deal from Microsoft. Right now, Microsoft's online store has the Core i5 Surface Pro 4 with 128GB of storage and 4GB of RAM on sale for $799 (opens in new tab) (via Neowin). If you're keeping track, that's a full $200 discount on the tablet's normal $999 price tag.

None of the other Surface Pro 4 models are on sale at the moment. However, that price cut knocks the Core i5 model down to the same price as the Core m3 without a pen, and it's actually cheaper than the Core m3 with a pen. In other words, this is a pretty solid deal if you don't happen to need the power of a Core i7 processor or more RAM.

This deal is set to last through February 4, so you've got a few days to decide if you want to pull the trigger.

See at the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • I believe their is a similar discount currently on The UK site as well. And Surfacebook is still on an amazing offer at £999. Considering it doubles as a powerful tablet and powerful laptop with best in class picture that's an amazing price.
  • I'll bite when I see just as healthy discounts on their upper-tier Surface Pro models.
  • They've had them in the past. At one point the 256GB Pro 4 was $999 last year. Still, I'm still okay with my Pro 3 256GB, and the Pro 5 has to be on the horizon, given how old the Pro 4 is at this point.
  • If you're not in a rush, i would say hold on awhile more till the Pro5 arrives
  • Have been watching Costco...they ocasionally have Surface discounts that totally surpass whatever Microsoft or other retailers are offering. Plus, you can't beat 4 years of extended warranty coverage by using your Citi Costco card.