Cortana reportedly coming to Outlook for iOS and Android

Microsoft has been gradually extending Cortana's reach to more of its services, and it looks like Outlook may be next on the list. According to The Verge, Microsoft is in the process of testing Cortana integration in Outlook on Android and iOS.

Bringing Cortana to the Outlook mobile apps would allow users to check their email using their voice. According to the report, Cortana will respond to general requests to read their emails or to read those from specific contacts. Microsoft is said to be specifically looking at how well the feature works over Bluetooth because of its potential usefulness during car rides

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Word of Cortana integration in Outlook for Android and iOS comes not long after Microsoft brought Cortana to Microsoft Launcher for Android. Cortana also just got a new boss at Microsoft, Javier Soltero, who happened to head up Microsoft's Outlook mobile efforts before taking on his new role. For now, Cortana integration is being tested internally, according to The Verge. However, if testing goes well, expect the feature to eventually roll out to the release versions of Outlook on Android and iOS.

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