Crackdown 3 coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 on November 7

It's been coming for a long time, and at this year's E3 we're getting a whole lot more of forthcoming Xbox Play Anywhere title, Crackdown 3. And if you're not pumped enough already the latest trailer has both Terry Crews and, finally, a release date for the game.

It seems like an eternity we first played a tech demo of Crackdown 3 way back at Gamescom 2015, but the finished article will be here on November 7. It's not that far away now!

The single player campaign looks pretty exciting, but the real story of Crackdown 3 is its multiplayer. Utilising the power of Microsoft's cloud services, Crackdown 3 multiplayer levels contain destruction on a scale you've never seen before. Everything blows up, buildings fall down, and you can keep on keeping on.

That's down to the fact that the computations for the destructive nature of the levels is handed off to cloud servers, leaving the console to do little more than render the graphics. It means that what looks like insanely intensive graphic processes can be achieved with minimal impact on the performance of the console.

It's been two years since we saw anything substantial first-hand from Crackdown 3, and we were really excited by it back then. It didn't get a lot of stage time, but there's going to be much more revealed later on in the E3 proceedings, so stick around for that. If you're interested to see what we thought back then, hit the post linked below.

The Crackdown 3 multiplayer game will blow you (and everything else) away

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