Crackdown 3 uses Microsoft's cloud for unprecedented digital destruction

Durning its Gamescome 2015 presentation, Microsoft and Reagent Games talked more about the upcoming Xbox One exclusive, Crackdown 3. A game that Reagent calls the "ultimate sandbox", Crackdown 3 is set in a new city, and the developer has put an emphasis on player freedom in taking down the city's criminal underworld.

The game features a new multiplayer experience, along with 100% destructible environments. Has stated when the game was originally announced, Crackdown 3's destruction is powered by Microsoft's cloud architecture, which is 20x more powerful than the Xbox One itself.

Check out the first look at Crackdown 3 below.

Stay tuned to the Windows Central keynote liveblog for more from Gamescom.

Joseph Keller
  • Michael Bay Approves
  • Latency or lag?
  • It shouldn't be noticeable. Most of the cloud's computing power is used for calculations that aren't necessarily instant. So it's not going to be used for something like hit detection on a player. Instead, it's going to be used for processes that need an immense amount of processing power, but aren't necessarily immediate. Like if you shoot a rocket at a building. The collision detection is probably calculated on your local machine. But the actual destruction of the building, with its thousands of pieces falling down, is done in the cloud.
  • Haha everything destructive. Nice. Will get this game as long as it has southpaw controls
  • I remember the tech demo for this. Amazing stuff.
  • I loved Crackdown and I'm one of the few that actually liked Crackdown 2...this has me actually soiling my pants.
  • I am really interested in this one. Slightly disappointed that it isn't using Pacific City again, but as long as there are orbs to collect and that distinctive dispatcher / announcer voice, then I'm happy.
  • Nice, can't wait for this!
  • It's finally coming. Cloud backed xbox gaming. The benefit of extra processing power without the lag from offloading all the game processing. This paired with DX12 should be huge for the XB1.
  • Hope u guys are satisfied with what was shown, we ruined alot of non believers of the cloud today.
  • I hope that some of the people that worked on Saint's Row 4 worked on this game. Because the main gameplay of SR4 was Crackdown on Steroids.
  • I don't wanna sign into YouTube just to watch this trailer. ;_;
  • That was pure awesomeness. Someone show this to those cloud compute doubters please, they all laughed at the 300k azure servers, well fool you for doubting a software company.
  • I really hope this works as well as they say. What I wonder though is if these are dedicated servers for each game or is it a pool. So can they shut down individual games support of it or will they still work years down the road as long as the pool is still running.
  • How do I hook my bank account up to these developers so they can TAKE MY MONEY!
  • Previously they had insisted that this wans't "Crackdown 3" but that it was just "Crackdown". Interesting they're now calling it Crackdown 3.
  • From the news i can already tell this game is going to be on the top releases of the year, i may or may not believe that 100% destructive environment thing, but hell, you can expect anything from games nowadays, Crackdown 2 was for sure one my favorite games, i even had time where i wanted to purchase it again just to enjoy the freedom of that game, so much fun that game was.