CrossfireX has been delayed, now launching on Xbox in 2021

Crossfirex Campaign Reveal Trailer
Crossfirex Campaign Reveal Trailer (Image credit: Smilegate Entertainment)

What you need to know

  • CrossfireX is the next game in the Crossfire franchise.
  • The campaign is being developed by Remedy Entertainment alongside Smilegate.
  • Originally slated to release in 2020, CrossfireX is delayed to 2021 due to the ongoing pandemic.

CrossfireX is the next entry in the line of popular Crossfire games. Earlier this year, we got to see footage from the campaign, which is being developed by Remedy Entertainment while the multiplayer modes are being developed by Smilegate. While CrossfireX was initially scheduled to release at some point in 2020 as an Xbox Series X|S launch window title, the team announced today that CrossfireX is being delayed into 2021.

This delay is due to the impact the global pandemic has had on development, which can read about with more details below.

The multiplayer for the game is going to be entirely free-to-play, much like past Crossfire games.

When CrossfireX releases, it'll be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. We'll be sure to share an update when a new release date is announced. CrossfireX is hardly alone as a long line of different games have been delayed in 2020, many of them into 2021, due to the effects of the ongoing outbreak.

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