Cult classic Ninja Gaiden Black will be free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers

Many of the titles are priced at reasonable levels but what if you want to witness the upgrades without purchasing a game? You may be in luck!

In a rather surprising move, Microsoft announced that Ninja Gaiden Black will be available for free to Xbox Game Pass subscribers. According to a post on Larry Hryb's website, the game will be free presumably on October 24, 2017 if you have an Xbox Game Pass. However, that's not all, it'll look better and run better on Xbox One. If you're getting an Xbox One X on November 7, 2017, the title will run at an even higher resolution.

Xbox Game Pass is a monthly subscription which costs $9.99 each month. If you purchase the pass, you get access to over a hundred Xbox One and Xbox 360 games with more titles being added each month. According to Microsoft, you'll always have something new to play because you can discover and download titles you've always wanted to play but were't sure you wanted to purchase.

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For those of you who don't know, Ninja Gaiden Black is a redone compilation of Ninja Gaiden and the two Hurricane Packs. Unlike the original release, the Mission Mode enhances replayability and sets up various short scenarios for players to overcome. Aside from that major change, the game features better cutscenes. Do you want a challenge? Well, Ninja Gaiden Black adds higher difficulties.

Ninja Gaiden Black's story spans more than a dozen chapters and is quite intriguing. The game deals with traditional elements like betrayal and revenge so there's never a dull moment. When the game initially launched on the original Xbox, it was heralded as a groundbreaking title due so its visuals and fast-paced gameplay. It will be interesting to see how that holds up all these years later especially if you play it with sixteen times the pixels and at 60 FPS on Xbox One X.

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