The Dark Knight Rises Nokia Windows Phones heading to India?

According to a press release sent out by Nokia for a press event in New Delhi on July 6th, we could well be seeing the Dark Knight Windows Phones heading to India. BGR India reports that multiple sources have confirmed Nokia could be looking to launch the Lumia 900 in the country, which could sport a Dark Knight version if the above invite is anything to go by. 

BGR also reports that Nokia could also be releasing the Lumia 610, the low-end Windows Phone "Tango" smartphone. As well as new hardware, the manufacturer is expected to be unveiling the Nokia Music Store in India for Lumia Windows Phones, including the already available Lumia 710 and 800. To finish off, speculation also suggest a Mix Radio app could well be on the way.

Source: BGR, via: WMPU

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Waited for the 900 since it was announced. Finally got tired of waiting and bought the 800 back in April. Launching the 900 this late is pretty pointless considering wp8 phones will be out in another few months.
  • Y does Nokia seems to b reluctant towards its Indian users.We still didn't recieve the tango update,still waiting for Nokia music to get launched,lumia 900 is still not available in India.I planned of buying Lumia 900 bt The wait took a toll on my patience nd ended up buying lumia 800.
  • I got my tango update on my HTC HD7
  • At&t has got to do this to all u do is tap a button on a machine and it I graves batman in it
  • i'm more excited about the NOKIA MUSIC Launch rather than the dark night lumia
    and off topic anyone suffering an error code 80070424 while updating to tango for lumia 710 in india?
  • I can't wait.. Yay. Bring it on :)
  • Hahaha I rather wait for windows 8.
  • Still waiting for Tango update notification. Nokia Music, will it have unlimited download ?
  • you have to purchase unlimited download subscription if dont have it already its just rs113 per month