A few days ago, we ran the story about how Dell's eBay account was selling "limited stock" of carrier unlocked Dell Venue Pros (16GB) compatible with T-Mobile or AT&T for $299. Since then, they've revised "limited stock" to just available.

Now, perhaps due to the popularity of the offer (or they recognize the reduced value), Dell is offering the same deal through their website which was just selling the device for $499 yesterday: 16GB, unlocked with T-Mo or AT&T radios (your choice). This way you can do Dell credit if you want. Initial ship date is tomorrow for the devices.

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We're not going to tell you how to spend your money and you can wait for our review as soon as we get ours, but this is still a sweet deal for one of the most unique Windows Phone's out there.

Update: We should also note that new-contract for T-Mobile, you can get the 8GB for just $0.99, 16GB for $49 and the biggy 32GB for $99. That's pretty cheap. AT&T contract phones are out of stock, so it's unknown if they'll follow the same pricing.

Source: Dell Online; Thanks, Ashish A. for the tip!

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