Decade in review: 12 stories that changed Microsoft, Windows and Xbox forever in the 2010s

October 2017: Arrow Launcher becomes Microsoft Launcher

Mircrosoft Launcher

Source: Daniel-Rubino/Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Daniel-Rubino/Windows Central)

Microsoft Launcher isn't the most powerful or popular app Microsoft makes for Android, but it truly shows the monumental shift that Microsoft made in regards to mobile. After the decline and death of Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft reestablished itself in mobile phones through its vast library of apps on Android and iOS.

Microsoft Launcher came out of the Microsoft Garage and quickly gained integration with other services like Microsoft To Do, Office 365, and Cortana. It shows glimpses into Microsoft's vision for Android. In fact, the same team that makes Microsoft Launcher will make the launcher for the Surface Duo, Microsoft's first Android phone.

Over the last decade, Microsoft moved from a first-party mobile OS to fully embracing Android and iOS. Officially moving Arrow Launcher out of the Microsoft Garage and converting it to Microsoft Launcher illustrates that switch. Now, you can run an Android phone with Office 365, Microsoft Launcher, Microsoft Edge, Your Phone, xCloud, Remote Desktop, SwiftKey, and many other Microsoft services.

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