If you picked up a Dell Venue 8 Pro 8-inch tablet recently, especially with that Microsoft Store deal yesterday, you may want to consider the Dell Tablet Wireless Keyboard, which appears to be now available. Well, now available to order, as the page says “Usually Ships: 3-5 Weeks”.

Throw in the $15 discount using coupon code QG3G$33HH3QP0? and you can knock the price down from $99 to $85. That is still a bit pricey but it may well be worth it if you live-and-die by the Venue for a daily device.

So what do you get for $85? You get a Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard with “well-spaced keys”, a replaceable battery that lasts up to one-year, hard shell case that folds into a stand and get this…it has magnets to attach to the keyboard. Sound familiar?

While we doubt this Dell-innovation will be as cool as a Surface keyboard, the Venue 8 Pro has won the hearts of many recently, so it may yet surprise us. Indeed, a good argument to get the Venue 8 Pro over any other tablet is the optional accessories, which include:

  • Stylus
  • Folio Cover
  • Wireless keyboard + folio cover

While you may not need those options, it’s sure nice to have them available.

So how is this keyboard? We’ve ordered one up and will do a more comprehensive analysis when it arrives along with the stylus. Of course, if Dell’s 3-5 weeks estimate is accurate, we may be waiting for a while.

Are you on the fence about the DV8P? Check out our earlier hands on and unboxing article.

For now, you can head here to the Dell store to order yours up and remember to use coupon QG3G$33HH3QP0? during the checkout to nab and extra $15 off.

Thanks, Silvio, for the tip!