Dell Venue 8 Pro wireless keyboard now available with $15-off discount

If you picked up a Dell Venue 8 Pro 8-inch tablet recently, especially with that Microsoft Store deal yesterday, you may want to consider the Dell Tablet Wireless Keyboard, which appears to be now available. Well, now available to order, as the page says “Usually Ships: 3-5 Weeks”.

Throw in the $15 discount using coupon code QG3G$33HH3QP0? and you can knock the price down from $99 to $85. That is still a bit pricey but it may well be worth it if you live-and-die by the Venue for a daily device.

So what do you get for $85? You get a Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard with “well-spaced keys”, a replaceable battery that lasts up to one-year, hard shell case that folds into a stand and get this…it has magnets to attach to the keyboard. Sound familiar?

While we doubt this Dell-innovation will be as cool as a Surface keyboard, the Venue 8 Pro has won the hearts of many recently, so it may yet surprise us. Indeed, a good argument to get the Venue 8 Pro over any other tablet is the optional accessories, which include:

  • Stylus
  • Folio Cover
  • Wireless keyboard + folio cover

While you may not need those options, it’s sure nice to have them available.

So how is this keyboard? We’ve ordered one up and will do a more comprehensive analysis when it arrives along with the stylus. Of course, if Dell’s 3-5 weeks estimate is accurate, we may be waiting for a while.

Are you on the fence about the DV8P? Check out our earlier hands on and unboxing article.

For now, you can head here to the Dell store (opens in new tab) to order yours up and remember to use coupon QG3G$33HH3QP0? during the checkout to nab and extra $15 off.

Thanks, Silvio, for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Awesome!!! I won one on the Xbox one midnight launch at Microsoft!!! Is an amazing tablet. It runs torchlight 2 very smooth and Diablo 3 as well. I had to buy a micro USB to female USB adapter alongside a multi USB hub to add a keyboard and mouse. But other than that it was free :)
  • Just get a keyboard that has built in usb ports. I have adell one that works very well with my venue 8 pro . Of course I leave the keyboard at work. I use a spare apple bluetooth keyboard when i am out.
  • I have to admit, that keyboard/case makes a compelling 8-inch tablet. Looks sharp. Excited about trying it out.
  • Same Here... Ended up with two of the Microsoft Store US $99.00 'Specials' from Monday morning so I'll be ordering a couple of these to make the Venue 8 Pro package complete. The wife is going to love this little portable computing power-house!
  • Waiting for your comparison and recommendation between the Dell, Lenovo and Toshiba 8 inch tablets. I currently have the MS Wedge mobile keyboard which is really nice but the keys are just a tad small for my fingers.
  • At this point in the game you should be able to make the comparisons easily on your own.
  • Battery lasts one year?!?! =O
  • I think it might mean that it will wear off after one year.
  • Why not just get the Microsoft wedge keyboard... It's cheaper and it also includes a stand for a tablet. Runs on 2 AAA batteries. Have 2 on order for my DV8P's. Kids Christmas present.
  • Well, this was built for DV8P, so presumably it works better in terms of snapping together as a single unit... I haven't tried the Wedge KB, so hard to compare, but one could be better/worse than the other.
  • The wedge keyboard looks thick... And definitely is compared to that Anker super thin Bluetooth keyboard you can find on amazon. I'm not sure how thick the Dell keyboard is.
  • I have the wedge keyboard/mouse, touch and type covers for my surface. Yes, the wedge is cool for my android tablets or for when I connect my surface to the tv. I am waiting for the venue 11 slim keyboard. Though the wedge will work, it doesn't beat keyboards made for the device. I know you all are talking about the venue 8... I wish the wedge keyboard was backlit. Though I touch type, the keyboard is small and a glance never hurts :)
  • With all the deals for the Dell tablet and good price in general, I wonder how well it's selling? Especially against Surface 2. Hopefully it's doing well. Too bad they don't sell it at Best Buy. It might get more attention from the general public.
  • Venue 8 Pro is doing for tablets what the 520 has done for WP8 IMO. Should help with Windows Adaption
  • I wish that's true. But dell did not release this in many countries.
  • I think this is more true for the Asus t100 64gb. You can pick it up for 350 with keyboard. I love the one we have. I have not tried the dell though.
  • Hey Daniel You said that the battery lasts up to a year and is replaceable.  Does that mean it isn't rechargeable, and I will have to continuously be buying batteries for this thing?
  • Its rechargeable
  • Where is that mentioned on Dell's website?  I would guess the same, but the fact that Dell's website uses "replaceable" and never mentions "rechargeable" scares me alittle bit.
  • I take back my words, it doesn't say rechargeable but replaceable
  • I hope and assume you are right.  I just don't like the choice of words.
  • This is pretty cool. I'm not getting one, the Venue 8 Pro is a consumption device for me, but it's an nice design and any money saved is good.
  • I got a new Logitech keyboard/stand and it's nice as well. The turn-off for me with the Dell is you have to put a case on it, which I hate doing.
    On another note, make sure you download the updated stylus drivers from Dell's support site! Without them the pen sucks.
  • I just got one yesterday but having problems with Wi-Fi.  I have restored to factory default which get it to work, then I installed the MS updates and back to square one.  Now I need to restore to facroty setting again only to change the automatic update to manual update for a couple weeks.  According to Dell, they are aware of the issue and in a couple weeks expect the issue resolved.  Its a little frustrating and just looking forward to the solution.
  • Install the latest WiFi driver from the Dell support website. Launch the 'My Dell' app on the tablet and then click on 'Drivers and Downloads' then download and install the two files under Networks (2). Although you only need the WAPI one, installing both will not hurt.
  • Thanks Socal.  I will give that another shot.  I thought I had done that along with the Bios update and once the update automaticallt happened, it reverted to no wi-fi.  I will let you know how it goes.
  • I had the same problem with mine. I went back an uninstalled all windows update except for the ones that were installed before it shipped (there was two of them). After I did all the dell updates (bios, WiFi driver, touchscreen firmware...) I installed the windows updates in small groups, restarting in between if prompted. When I was finished the WiFi was still working.
  • It's hard to say which updates are causing the issue, but it might be best uninstalling the most recent ones. At least the ones mentioned by users in this Dell Community thread.
  • The update is 2887595... remove it then tell it to hide from updates and it will all be fixed. I had the same issue.
  • Neat. I haven't needed a keyboard yet, and I got the case which doubles as a stand (good enough to watch movies anyway), so I'll probably pass. I'll keep an eye out for that review tho, just in case.
  • Got the dv8p for $199, and now the dell keyboard. Let's see if this turns out to be a better road warrior device than my t100 (which I love). The dvp8 in a protective case with a snap on keyboard might allow me to skip the computer bag completely...
  • A bit too much. Will do what others have done. Buy the USB adapter use other options for keyboard and mouse. Anyone know if you can use a portable hardrive on this? I got 9 gigs left and I barely got the thing.
  • You're best off getting a micro SD card for additional storage. If you're going to use an external drive, you'll need a flash drive and an OTG cable. If you want to use an external HDD, you may need a separate power source for it.
  • I have the Dell Venue Pro 8 and I think the size factor has a place in my day. What's funny though, even though it runs full Windows, I'm still all over the Metro side of things more than the desktop.  But of course its new to me still and that could change.  The first order of business is to get a case on it. Its like carrying a glass tile around.  I'm going to wait on the WPC review on this keyboard. I have a Bluetooth keyboard that might work in the meantime.
  • Nice in all. But got a cheap hp Bluetooth keyboard and poetic case and it works for me. Just need the pen. All in all the DVP8 is almost a steal at any price.
  • Anyone getting the Wireless Network problem after the update?
  • The update is 2887595... remove it then tell it to hide from updates and it will all be fixed. I had the same issue.
  • I wish there were more pictures!!! How exactly does the case fold up? Where does the keyboard go? What do the magnets do? The Dell website is terrible for this accessory.  
  • i would love to just have that case. the current folio case is really bothersome. I would like it with without the front flap.
  • Looking forward to some video reviews - doesn't seem to be available in the UK yet though :(
  • Check out this Areb Bluetooth keyboard 3.0 with leather case and stand that fits the Dell Venue 8 Pro. It is ubiversal and shortkeys can be set to work with Android, Apple, Amazon.
  • I found an issue with the DV8P: The charger it comes with appears to be the only charger it will work with.  I have no idea why.  I can use other USB cables but it will not charge off of any of my other adapters, even other 2A adapters. Anyone else noticed this?  Its a pretty major limitation IMO, and makes it impossible to charge on the go such as in the car or on a plane...
  • What will work: 1)  Charging through USB port on Surface Pro power adapter 2)  Anything meeting the specifications: 10W/5V/2A i.e.
  • Has anyone tested this?  I have several 5V/2A chargers, none work with it.  Its possible they are not 10W but I'm not certain.  Its a huge drawback that it can't at least trickle charge on lower output power supplies, as I stated I can't charge it on an airplane for instance, and I don't know of any car chargers that meet those specs...
  • Has anyone tested this?  I have several 5V/2A chargers, none work with it.  Its possible they are not 10W but I'm not certain.  Its a huge drawback that it can't at least trickle charge on lower output power supplies, as I stated I can't charge it on an airplane for instance, and I don't know of any car chargers that meet those specs...   EDIT: I just tested this at work with a charger that was around here and it worked fine.  Now to find a car charger with that kind of output....
  • They are out there, just look for one that charges tablets. I have one with two ports and it charges my phone and V8P at the same time.
  • I'd really like to buy one. But kinda nervous to be the guinea pig since I haven't found a single first had account of this keyboard yet. I foolishly tried the Logitech keyboard on my iPad Mini with Retina and that was way too small to type on. I had a keyboard with my iPad 4 and that did okay. iPad is 9.5 inches tall and the Mini is 7.9 inches tall. The Venue 8 Pro is 8.5 inches tall. So this keyboard is exaclty inbetween a size I know to be too small and a size I know to be okay. Not sure what side of the line it is going to fall on.  I have a Logitech K810, great keyboard. But it would be nice to have an all in one case and keyboard bundle like this. Wish the shipping time wasn't 3 to 5 weeks. 
  • seems like a really nice keybard but a bit too pricey. it's not like it has some special venu 8 added functionality. i picked up the microsoft wedge mobile keyboard for mine. it was like $40 on amazon and also includes a stand/case.
  • I just ordered the keyboard today. The $15 off worked. It felt pricey, but at least it comes with the case/stand thing. I just checked the status and it says "In production" LOL! and says Estimated Delivery:  1/2/2014 When i ordered it, it says 5-7 business days. I guess they are litterly making it because it says the production process means gather the parts. LOL too tablet arrived today, so i guess i will have to make do with out it for a bit. Also, the whole dell ecomm site seems so behind the times. I couldn't even find this keyboard on the site, good thing the link was on this post..also the e-mail confirmation was in plain text..
  • While the comparisons to the Surface Touch/Type keyboards might sound reasonable. The price premium over the myriad of bluetooth keyboards out there makes it a little tough to swallow.  So let's recap the pro's and cons. Pros 1. Magnetic latching case 2. Stylus holder 3. Reasonably spread out keyboard layout   Cons 1. No integrated trackpad. 2. "Replaceable" battery? AAA's? Changeable battery pack? 3. No one's really reported on just how "reasonable" the keyboard behavior is. 4. And last but not least......Price.  $99?  After the pricing of the stylus and folio covers...I figured $59 or something, but $99?  Who are they kidding? Geeze. Anyone get this back immediately for duty!  
  • They say it uses 2 button cells. Finally the first pics I have seen that show it in action.
  • They say it uses 2 button cells. Finally the first pics I have seen that show it in action. (scroll down and click pics for a rough description when translated).
  • sorry for double reply
  • another good japanese site with better/different pics
  • I can't find the site that refers to button cell batteries, but with such a thin keyboard and the "replaceable" language, they probably are.
  • Just ordered one, expectations are high, I'm sure for that price the quality should be perfect. With the discount $15 the total price comes around $92
  • I got the Venue 8 Pro for Christmas and want to transfer data from my laptop to the tablet.  I ordered the cable Dell said I needed, but it doesn't work.  Anyone else have this do you transfer files/pictures?
  • I have the keyboard but not sure how the magnetic case option is supposed to hold it. It does not fit inside the case with the tablet inside it. Is it supposed to simply stick to the outside of the case?
  • gorbett - I just got mine and it looks like it will be going back.  Magnet makes no sense and is very weak.  In addition, I thought this was supposed to fit within the case.  Disappointed. UPDATE - Look at the reviews on Dell's website.  "The keyboard is exactly the size of the folio case, and you just set the keyboard on the cover and it stays there".  Put the keyboard face to the outside of the case with the top of the keyboard to the small section of the case (closest to the hinge).  It looks like the magnets are used only for transportation.  Not what I expected but I will see how the keyboard types.
  • recived mine yesterday, returned today. keyboard is to smal even though i have very small hands. if i have to peck type i might as well do it on screen. the keyboard is very thin, almost to flimsy. however the part that goes around the tablet is to thick, adds way to much bulk. when the whole thing is together, case and keyboard it is a bit to heavy for me. the last annoying deal breaker for me was the flip cover. two issues. first there is no way to keep it closed, flaps open pretty easy. second, the felt type material side which matches the rear part where the pen holder is goes on the outside of the unit not against the screen. the smooth side which is kinda plastic like goes against the screen. makes no sense, no protection for screen and will get dirty and be hard to clean. unlike other reviewer i found the magnets that held the keyboard to be strong enough. i could actualy type faster with the on board then i can with this thing, just sacrifice screen space.
  • Looks like the coupon is toast. They changed the coupon so it's not usable for this accessory. It says it's "valid until May 2, 2014", but it won't let it be applied to the keyboard. What they do have now is a coupon for only 10%(what the %##%!?).    Edit: The coupon that seems to work now is : QZLZVG878LG5V6 but it only gives you a 10% discount.