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Over the last few years, I have owned nearly a half dozen different Ultrabook PCs. Ultrabooks run in the 13-inch range, ditch the antiquated CD-ROM drives and aim for lean, light and yet powerful hardware. Combined with touchscreens, Windows 8 and the availability of high-resolution displays, Ultrabooks seemingly have everything a professional would desire. However, perhaps it is my age or just habit, but the 13-inch range of Ultrabooks just never felt ideal. Instead, their displays were just a smidgen too small, and the palm rests too shallow.

Then I discovered the Dell XPS 15 at my local Microsoft Store in Long Island, New York. The Dell XPS 15 is the laptop I have been waiting for, and I distinctly remember buying it five hours before my flight to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2014 on a whim. A few months on and this is my review.


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