Dell adds new 4K OLED, InfinityEdge and wireless monitors to its lineup

Announced at CES 2016, Dell has revealed a slew of new monitors that pack plenty of drool-worthy tech. In all, there's the new Dell UltraSharp 30 OLED 4k monitor, the UltraSharp InfinityEdge line, and two UltraSharp Wireless monitors.

At the top end is the UltraSharp 30 OLED monitor which, as the name implies, packs a 30-inch OLED screen at a 4K resolution with a 400,000:1 contrast ratio. Dell is targeting this one at "PC Professionals" working in graphic arts and photography. The monitor features a fast 0.1 ms response time, and a USB Type-C port that can handle power, video and data connectivity with compatible systems. The UltraSharp 30 OLED will be available starting March 31 for a hefty $4,999.

The new UltraSharp InfinityEdge monitors are available in either a 27-inch QHD model or a 23.8-inch FHD model. The big draw here is that Dell has carried over its InfinityEdge display from the XPS line, giving these monitors extremely thin bezels. The UltraSharp InfinityEdge monitors will be available on February 25 at $719 for the 27-inch model and $349 for the 24-inch model.

Finally, Dell's UltraSharp 24 and 23 Wireless monitors are meant to complement your mobile devices with built in support for Miracast, allowing you to display content from a Windows laptop and a mobile device at the same time. Dell says that the 23-inch version also sports built-in speakers and a wireless charging stand. Both monitors will be available on March 31 at $469 for the 24-inch version and $429 for the 23-inch model.

Source: Dell

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • The ultrasharp 30 oled is mine the moment it's on the Dell uk site!
  • it's damn sexy
  • Really is. I am an artist, amongst other things, and love that screen tech is moving on as it is.
  • bring the laptops, Ultrabooks and notebooks!!
  • Whatcha need it for?
  • And bring on the upgrade to the XPS27 All in One...
  • Strongly support that. With a real SSD disk, 4k resolution and ac wi-fi, preferably also a bit slimmer, I would be first in line at the computer shop
  • Does the Ultra Sharp line feature higher refresh rates, like 144hz?
  • So will the wireless monitor work with Continuum? If you could wirelessly charge your phone and control it with wireless keyboard and mouse too that would be cool - that's what I'm waiting for!
  • Absolutely. Any I believe any Miracast receiver will work properly with Continuum.
  • Agreed - well that's how I understand it anyway ;)
  • Wireless charging and Continuum compatibility?? Seriously, that's the making if a pretty sweet Surface/950 combo setup. As a matter of fact Microsoft would be wise to display a combo like that in their stores.
  • Question: Does Windows 10 even upscale properly to 4K?
  • I've seen it tested on Dell's 5K monitors and it looks great. Some of the older utilities like Computer Management or Command Prompt don't quite scale properly, but most everything else does, at least the MS components. Many 3rd-party applications (I'm looking at you Blizzard Launcher and until recently Photoshop) don't properly scale to this DPI, but that isn't MS's fault.
  • Blizzard should do better lol
  • Short answer: No. Elements of windows 10 haven't been sorted yet - it's still s work on progress and I'm sure it's coming soon wen it's ready...
    I have a couple of 4 k monitors and it'***** and miss with third party software - my financial setup is 4k, but then it needs it! Adobe cc - most elements scale reasonably well.
  • Yes. It looks amazing. All store apps and most applications. Just some applications do not scale at all. So check your essential applications list first.
  • Can anyone tell if the "Dell UltraSharp 24 Wireless monitor" is also 4K?
  • Does it support G-sync?