The 'Designed for Microsoft Lumia' program lets third-parties make official accessories for new Windows Phones

Microsoft announced the new Lumia 950, Lumia 950 XL and Lumia 550 smartphones earlier this week, and third-party companies such as Finland-based Mozo and Sweden-based Krusell have already been named as "official" case makers for those phones, complete with a "Designed for Microsoft Lumia" logo.

This new logo looks to be a legit program started by Microsoft to shuffle off accessory production from themselves to third-party companies on an official scale.


However, so far Microsoft has not yet indicated it will offer its own cases for the new Lumia phones as it has with previous devices in the family. As points out, Microsoft has not yet listed any such cases on the official pages of the new Lumia smartphones.

Instead, Microsoft may have decided to abandon that part of the phone business in favor of giving "official" case licenses to third-parties. We have contacted Microsoft to see if we can get more information on their cases strategy for their new Lumias.

Meanwhile, Mozo says it will take pre-orders for its new Lumia cases soon on its website. Krussell is also showing off its cases for the phones on its site, including the Boras FolioWallet for the Lumia 950XL that's designed to also hold credit cards, and the Boden cover for the Lumia 950 that has a one-piece design made to quickly snap on the back of the phone.

Even better? Many of these cases will be Qi-enabled too. This solution essentially solves the "what about this color?" problem for potential customers. Microsoft offloading the risk of production and distribution to professionals is a good idea and inline with their current program of focusing on what they are good at.

What do you think? Is Microsoft taking the right approach here? Do you like what Krussel and Mozo have revealed so far? Sounds off in comments.

Source: Krussel, Mozo Accessories; Via

John Callaham