Destiny 2: Forsaken and Shadowkeep are now available through Xbox Game Pass

Destiny 2
Destiny 2 (Image credit: Bungie)

What you need to know

  • Destiny 2 is a supremely popular game from Bungie, and enjoys a large fanbase of dedicated players.
  • In a big move, Destiny 2 and both of its current expansions, Forsaken and Shadowkeep, are coming to Xbox Game Pass.
  • Xbox Game Pass subscribers can download and play Destiny 2 right now at no additional cost.
  • The next expansion, Beyond Light, will also come to Xbox Game Pass day one on November 10, 2020.

The day has finally come: Destiny 2 is officially available through Xbox Game Pass starting today (opens in new tab), meaning players can jump into Bungie's epic adventure at no additional cost using their subscription. Destiny 2 with its Forsaken and Shadowkeep expansions are only available on Xbox Game Pass for consoles, not PC, but this is still a big win for Microsoft as Destiny 2 continues to attract a ton of players over time.

Xbox Game Pass includes more than just the base game, and will also net you both of Destiny 2's current expansions as well. However, this does not include the Season Passes for the expansions, so keep this in mind if you're wanting to go all-in with Destiny 2.

Destiny 2's next expansion, Beyond Light, is also coming to Xbox Game Pass when it launches on November 10, 2020, making it a day-one launch title for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Beyond Light will bring 4K and 60fps support to the Xbox Series X, and the game will support Smart Delivery, meaning you'll always be playing the best version of the game for the Xbox you're playing on. If you're interested in grabbing and Xbox Series X or S so you're ready for Beyond Light when it launches, pre-orders are available starting now.

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  • Playing 30fps shooters while Halo 5 was already 60fps 5 years ago is really a pain. I'll wait to have a Series
  • Hope Destiny will be 60fps on Series X|S? After having a taste of 60fps on PC, no way I'm playing it at 30fps ever again. When I upgrade my X1X to a Series X, then I revisit Destiny at 60fps.
  • Or buy a gaming PC
  • I spend all day + weekends too in front of my PC. When I'm off work, I don't even want to go near a regular PC at all. I am a console guy for games all the way.
  • Not for PC. Always the same story.
  • "Destiny 2 with its Forsaken and Shadowkeep expansions are only available on Xbox Game Pass for consoles, not PC" F-ing BS...!!! First RDR2, now this!! When both Console pass and PC Pass cost the same now, why is PC pass given less love?
  • Destiny 2 is currently available on PC through Steam only. I imagine Bungie would need to put in some work to expand the game's availability to the MS Store, which may not be possible right now due to COVID.
  • How much of the content available in this will be vaulted?
  • None, both Shadowkeep and Forsaken aren't getting vaulted. Four of the planets from the base game are getting vaulted tho.