Destiny 2: Shadowkeep known bugs and updates

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is the latest expansion for the popular first-person shooter. As is the case with every online game, Shadowkeep brings with it a number of issues that players on any platform should be aware of. We also have the added complication of New Light — the free-to-play version of Destiny 2 —which has meant Bungie had to completely change the base game.

With all these huge changes we've listed the known bugs and launch issues below.

First-day jitters

This list was given to us by Bungie on the first days as known problems in the initial release. A lot of them will be cleared up in the first few days after launch. Expect hotfixes galore in the early days.

  • Many gamers can't connect to Destiny 2 servers due to an influx of players.
  • Many gamers keep on getting disconnected from the servers.
  • The Scan Patrol Triumph won't gain progress if scans are completed in the Moon's Chasm area.
  • Lunafaction Boots incorrectly state that using them in Rifts will automatically reload weapons, but they will actually increase weapon reload speed.
  • Previewing Crucible Engrams will incorrectly state that Forsaken is required to earn them.
  • Certain warnings will appear for Nightfalls that require players to have certain Mods equipped but won't account for teammate loadouts.
  • Strike Playlist completion will count toward certain exotic quests, but Strikes selected on Destinations won't.
  • The Exodus Black Nessus quest can't be reclaimed if abandoned.
  • The "Show Me What You Got" achievement can't be unlocked by veteran players with three characters.
  • Only Crucible daily bounties will count towards the Redrix's Broadsword quest step.
  • Some players who started Destiny 2 for the first time right before maintenance will be at Power Level 0 when logging in. To resolve this, players will need to delete that character.
  • Players have to wait a week if the "Firewall" quest step is dismantled after completing Eris' weekly bounty.
  • Certain achievements can only be unlocked by owning Forsaken.
  • The Premonition Legendary Pulse Rifle incorrectly states that it's "Found by exploring the Moon" but the source is actually from the new dungeon, which will become available soon.
  • Forsaken subclasses are only available with a Forsaken or Shadowkeep game license.
  • Pulling Legendary armor from Collections will always give Armor 1.0 variants.

Help us to help you

If you encounter any other problems, let us know. We'll keep on updating the list as soon as new glitches are discovered. Bungie has a great reputation of patching problems, so it shouldn't take long for these to be resolved.



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