Aspiring web developers require a broad range of knowledge to make it in the business; one such area is understanding Selenium, automated testing that makes verifying web applications much easier. This is one of the top skills you can learn if you're looking to dive into the world of automation testing.

To get started, you need a course that covers the absolute basics and works its way up to an advanced level. Wouldn't it be great it this type of training was affordable, and wouldn't it be great if you could fit it around your existing schedule?

Automated testers are in high demand; become the best

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Right now, Windows Central Digital Offers has an incredible deal on the Web App Automation Testing with Selenium bundle — grab it for just $41, 92% off the regular price of $549. This bundle includes all you need to grab hold of and master Selenium. Best part? Access to this course remains open forever, so you can tackle it when you're ready.

There are over 800 lessons spread out over 86 hours and five courses, which include:

  • Selenium Mastery: Understanding How to Use Selenium, JUnit, and Maven
  • Complete Selenium Webdriver with C#: Build a Framework
  • Learn Web Automation Testing Using Selenium
  • Selenium WebDriver With Java
  • Selenium WebDriver with Python 3.x: Novice to Ninja

It's clear that this is the way to go if you want to become a truly skilled automated tester. These professionals are in high demand, and having this training on your resume will set you apart from the others. What are you waiting for? This deal won't last forever — get started on a new, rewarding career today.