In theory, a website should be an easy accessory to your business. It is, after all, a very necessary one. So why has it been such a headache for you to get your domain set up? The Web is saturated with domain names that you would've liked to use, but they've already been claimed. What are your options now? Change your product or business name? If you've already spent money and energy on branding, that's not a viable option, but you need a Web presence to get recognized and be accessible to your customers. With everything .net and .com that was appropriate for your business taken, is there a next step that you can take without starting over from scratch?

Thanks to Radix, there is. The experts at Radix recognize that it's time for a .tech domain extension to truly reflect the nature of your tech-based business and allow you the freedom to keep the domain name you've always wanted to use.

Radix tech domain subscription

Today, you can get a 10-year subscription to a Radix .tech domain for just $49.99! This is an 80% discount off of the regular price of $250! That's the kind of savings that's good for your bottom line, and if you've been frustrated over the domain you didn't think you could get, it's exactly the kind of offer that you can't afford to miss out on. Thanks to Windows Central Digital Offers, your 10-year subscription gets you:

  • A better way to brand your business across the Web
  • The right domain category to reflect your tech-based business
  • Registration and use of your .tech domain for a full 10 years
  • A domain that truly reflects your passion for technology, startup business, and your unique Web presence

It's time to get on board with Radix and get your domain up, running, and working for your business. Get your 10-year subscription to a .tech domain with Radix for only $49.99!

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