Ready to learn some new skills in 2017 and push the limits of your current skillset? Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have become more and more popular over the recent years, but getting started with it can seem a bit scary. Whether it be a lack of time to dedicate to learning it or lack of available funds to enroll in the courses, it is easy to end up passing up the chance to learn more about it for yourself.

Meet the Machine Learning and AI for Business bundle, an incredible way to get yourself the knowledge you want at a fraction of the regular price. You'll get access to four great courses, countless hours of great information and so much more, all without going broke in the process.

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The courses in this bundle include:

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Training - $300 Value
  • Introduction to Machine Learning - $295 Value
  • Data Science and Machine Learning with R (Part #1): Understanding R - $300 Value
  • Data Science and Machine Learning with R (Part #2): Statistics with R - $300 Value

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Normally you'd end up spending around $1,200 for all these courses, but right now you can pick them up for just a small fraction of that. Priced at just $39, you can't really beat the value here. This is a huge 96% discount, making all of this far more affordable. You'll have access to most of the data at any time of the day, any day of the week so you can learn on your own free time.

If 2017 is the year you learn some new skills, you won't want to miss out on this amazing offer.

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