It seems today that protecting your PC is nearly impossible. With the constant threats from spyware, malware, viruses, hackers, keyloggers, and other types of privacy infiltration, it's a wonder how any of us get any sleep!

Even if you think you put a lot of personal or sensitive information on your computer, chances are, there's more than you think. Have you ever bought anything online with a credit card? Signed-up for online banking? Do you ever work with documents that aren't supposed to be knowledge to the general public? You could be one incident away from having serious financially and social repercussions. There is a solution, and Windows Central is going to give it to you.

The Ultimate PC Data Security Suite Bundle offers you three super secure programs that will keep you and your information safe!

  • Folder Lock 7 gives you the ability to place extra encryption on files or folder individually at your leisure, which means as soon as you create something new you want to be protected you can do so with just a couple clicks! Malware programs that you can pick up from anywhere on the internet will have a much harder time accessing or corrupting your files.

  • USB Block allows you to white light all your USB-connected devices that you know are safe, so you can continue using all your personal devices without any hassle. The minute the USB Block doesn't recognize the device, it will block it from accessing your PC. Keyloggers are completely stumped!

  • USB Secure tops it all of by giving you the ability to encrypt and password protect your USB devices. If you lose a flash drive, or if your hard drive gets stolen, you can rest easy knowing your data is secure!

These three programs would normally cost you over $90, but if you buy right now, you can get all three programs for only &19.99! That's a saving of over 80%.

Give yourself the tools you need to keep your privacy intact. Stop worrying about your security and take advantage of this great offer.

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