DirecTV Now is offering a free Apple TV 4K when you prepay for three months of service

Before you completely dismiss this article and head to the comments bashing this because it's made by Apple, give us a second to explain why it may actually be of interest to you. Sure, the Apple TV 4K isn't as robust of a gaming system as the Xbox One is, but that's not its sole purpose. First, let's talk about the deal, then why it's worth considering.

DirecTV Now is currently offering new customers an Apple TV 4K for free when you prepay for three months of service. The three months of service (on the base package) will set you back just $105, but the Apple TV 4K itself is worth $179. Once you prepay for the service, DirecTV Now will ship the hardware to you via FedEx within two weeks.

While it may not be the best gaming system out there, it can provide hours of fun. There are lots of great games to play on it, and if you'd rather, you can stream sports and other media with ease instead. There are also a bunch of great AirPlay alternatives for Windows computers, so you'll be able to use your existing machine and take advantage of the Apple TV with ease. Additionally, if you've made the switch to an iPhone or have an iPad, you'll also be able to seamlessly stream to it and more.

If you have a serious aversion to using Apple products, you won't even have to. Now, why would you take advantage of this offer if you refuse to use the product? It's simple: Apple devices have great resale value, so odds are you'll be able to easily recoup the $105 you laid out for the service and hardware. Odds are you know someone else who is invested in the Apple ecosystem, so why not make their day and give it to them as a gift! The best part? Well, you'll still have access to three months of DirecTV Now.

Prefer to just try the service without the hardware? DirecTV Now is offering new customers three months of service for $30, which is a savings of $25 each month. DirecTV Now has apps on tons of platforms, including Roku, Fire TV, and more.

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