Display Dock for Lumia 950 and 950 XL now on sale at Microsoft Store US for $99

Now that the Lumia 950 has officially launched in the US, Microsoft has also started selling the optional Display Dock accessory for the Windows 10 Mobile device. It's now available on the Microsoft Store US site for the price of $99.

The Display Dock, which also works on the Lumia 950 XL, allows owners of both phones to connect them to keyboard, mouse and large display so it can be used like a PC with Windows 10 Mobile's Continuum feature. It includes three USB 2.0 ports and a USB-C port, along with a USB-C charging connector. There's also a DisplayPort and HDMI Connector port.

Will you be buying a Display Dock for your Lumia 950 or Lumia 950 XL? Let us know in the comments!

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Buy the Display Dock at the Microsoft Store US / $99 (opens in new tab)

John Callaham
  • Can we connect Lumia 950 XL to a TV directly without a display dock?
  • You mean with just wires?  Not that I'm aware of.  You can cast wireless if the TV (or any devices connected to the TV) has Miracast
  • I just watched The Verge review. Holy s**t is it awful. "Not an iPhone don't buy it. The apps are horrible don't buy it. The camera is slow, bla, bla, bla."
    I would've liked that girl reviewer which reviewed the MS Band 2. She wasn't biased.
  • Did you expect anything else out of the people who gave a higher score to the IPad Pro over the Surface Pro 4?
  • Yes she was and she had to be... But the nicest out of all them...
  • some android apps let you stream via wifi and a companion app on a pc which then outputs to your TV or monitor, but I'd guess windows phone being crippled at the core means apps cannot get enough access to the low level APIs to do what MS does with their own screen streaming. So you're better off with a trusted solution than rely on apps, or the platform capabilties. This is windows phone after all. You're taking chances unless you do the one way they force you to.
  • This video shows how the wireless Continuum works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvbNgdAJR5Q
  • why would you spend money on this. If you want to "cast" just use the MS miracast dongle. It is cheaper and is cross platform.
  • Keyboard, mouse, usb thumb drives?
  • uh, bluetooth? no wires.
  • Well first off, show me the USB drive that works with this phone via bluetooth. Second, the Miracast dongle doesn't charge your phone while using. 3rd, this isn't just "casting". I've Miracast, and there's a bit of input lag, I would assume that this (especially seeing as I've watched it displayed) this has no lag. Finally, it's meant for productivity, so all my reasons are effectively made more important. You might be able to deal with everything if you're just trying to show off some photos or a video tro friends, but if you expect to sit down and do spreadsheets, it's kind of important to have an, as close to perfect, full PC experience as possible.
  • USB drive? It has a USB-C connector so why can't you just plug in a USB-C drive? yes a miracast doesn't charge your phone but so what? I assume if you have an outlet to run a monitor, you probably have an outlet to plug in this expensive hub, and that means you can plug in your phone. so you're not really gaining anything here. I use miracast all the time and there is a slight lag but unless you're gaming, it isn't anything that will bother you. Your point is that you want a "full pc experience" but the windows phone ecosytem will cripple you faster than the few ms of lag of miracast will. IF you had an actual intel chip and a decent app ecosystem, I could agree that maybe the dock investment is worth it, but as it stands, it is nothing more than an overpriced hub for "windows RT" except you know, it doesn't even run winRT apps unless they are converted to universal apps first...and good luck waiting on that. In fact, you may be more productive with a surface 2 with LTE than with this because at least that can run office RT, full version and all the winRT apps. This cannot run winRT apps, cannot run x86 apps, and phone apps will look stretched. so, it can run exactly 4 apps properly: word, excel, powerpoint, outlook. all mobile versions...which basically is a kill.    
  • Show me a USB C drive, and show me on less than $100. Anyone that has any need for a USB drive, has one already, so right there, your entire argument is lost. As for lag not being an issue, yes is it. When I'm working, spending 8+ hours in front of my screen, I don't want to deal with any input lag. I also don't want to crawl under my desk to plug my phone in. So this works great for anyone in a field where it's needed. No one ever said this is a perfect solution for everyone, but to assume that just because you don't need it, it's and overpriced piece of crap is simply foolish. Also, your comment about it being useful for exactly 4 apps is nothing more than speculation seeing as you haven't tried every app in every situation. Long story short, don't buy one and the people that need it will.
  • You get an uncompressed and lag free signal unlike Miracast. That means videos look better.
  • Continuum works with Miracast, but the Dock is preferred.  USB-C gives you 5gbps throughput and HDMI gives you rock solid content transport as well as better picture quality.  Just plug your L950 in and enter Desktop screen immediately without going through pairing and Connect.  Dock also charges your phone while you are using it.  But if MS wants to push Continuum aggressvely, they should price it more aggressively as well.
  • Plus it gives you a desktop view just like a PC, not a stretched view of your phones screen.
  • well, this is microsoft's fault because windows 10 supports miracast as additional display and not just mirroring its display. So you can hold it in portrait while casting to a second screen in landscape. There is nothing about miracast that says it needs to be a "clone" of what is on the phone.
  • Usually, companies sell the device before the accessories...
  • Why buy? Doesn't it come free with 950xl?
  • Yes, via a limited time promotion.  It doesn't come free with the 950 though. 
  • I would rather buy the 950 XL... Technically you pay for the dock in the price difference but you get a bigger and better phone.
  • Better? Some people like me would consider a smaller phone better.
  • I agree, I prefer a smaller phone but in this case, I ponied up the extra $$ and went with the 950XL because of the free dock and decided to give the larger phone a try :D
  • Yeah, I just wish the dock came with the 950 or at least was discounted.
  • What if you want/need more than one, or don't make it in time for the promotion, or want a 950?
  • Is the xl even up for sale yet?
  • Yes, or it was before they ran out. Mine ships by the 25th November.
  • Picking one up from my local ms store today. I dunno why they couldn't just tell me yesterday that they'd have it.
  • They aren't allowed to. 
  • Understandable I suppose but still funny to hear the hesitation in their voice knowing it's going to be relesed tomorrow. Now that I think of it, I worked at Funcoland in high school when PlayStation 2 launched and we had them a week before release and knew when we could start selling it but couldn't say anything.
  • If they bundle it with 950, I will buy for sure. Go solo, I don't think so.
  • Here in Brazil Will cost triple that price. Ahhhh taxes, you damn miserable bitch
  • This is too damn costly... Heck, even $59.99 would've been better.
  • Might as well get the 950 XL and technically get a Bigger & Better phone with the dock for almost the same price.
  • Sure, but does $199 make sense for the surface dock or is that also too high? To them it's essentially the same so they priced them comparatively...honestly I'd agree with you if they lowered that one to $149 and this to $49, but having held this thing in my hand, it's like Apple quality gear so maybe it's worth the tag =[
  • Agreed.
  • Agreed.  Planning on a 950, maybe this.. but yeah, really should be $49.  Same goes for the phones.  Should of been $399/$499 given the apparent lack of a truly premium look and feel.  Oh Microsoft....
  • Is this sold elsewhere in a physical store? Or just in Microsoft Store online or otherwise?
  • If this is out now, I suppose getting it now might make sense and then when I get my phone I won't need to spend later with the added cost...I'm hoping I get enough of a bonus this year. =[
  • I'll say it again, they should offer a Surface dock that includes this functionality. 
  • Out of stock online.
  • If the dock was bundled, and not just with the 950XL via the MS stores, if only for a limited period, it might just drive sales up and get potential buyers to look beyond their iPhones/Android devices. Just maybe.