Dock Locker is a secure stand for your Surface Pro 3

The Ergotron Dock Locker, available later this month, is a stand for your Surface Pro 3 that connects to any surface you choose through a screw or bolt, and then keeps the device secure through a keyed lock when inserted.

"As a tablet stand, the Dock Locker maintains the screen's position for working, combining a comfortable viewing angle with a stable touchscreen interface.Attach the Dock Locker to any surface up to 1.5" (3.8 cm) thick with choice of provided bolt-through or screw-in hardware. Or plug your cable lock (sold separately) into the security slot on the top of the unit."

In addition to looking like a pretty good option for storing your Surface Pro 3, the Dock Locker is made by Anthro, the company behind our own Daniel Rubino's standing desk. If you're interested in picking one up, the Dock Locker will go on sale later this month, though pricing is an unknown.

Source: Ergotron (opens in new tab) Thanks to Anthony S. for the tip!

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Price???
  • Unknown
  • Last sentence, thanks for reading! :D
  • That's for being arrogant!
  • Because I want to spend money on a dock for my dock.
    No need here
  • You do understand this is for businesses, enterprise, and places where they want to use the SP3 for show floor abilities, right? This is not for home and consumer usage.
  • btw, now that you mention it, i completely forgot to "send in" a picture of some SP3s i found in the "wild". At the Houston Rodeo, they had a bunch of podium-like stands with SP3s in them near the kids rodeo event barricades. I took a picture, but it's otherwise un-interesting since i couldn't even gather what they were there for, or figure out how to attach it here. Maybe they were used by judges for some event? They were not on or running anything that i could tell.
  • Lol, seriously. I just wish the regular dock was lockable. Poor execution of an otherwise excellent accessory.
  • They could take the hundred dollar keyboard smh.
  • The dock locker will keep the keyboard from being removed as well.  Sorry its a little hard to tell from the picture...  
  • Ergotron makes nice display mounts.
  • That thing looks nice and could be super useful for busy hospitals and schools. That said, I was REALLY disappointed that MS didn't even build a Kensington Lock solution into their Surface Dock. We bought a bunch of Surfaces Pro 1 for our teachers but had to go with another solution for docking. Also, the mini Displayport adapter we use might not play nice with this Ergotron solution.
  • We didnt have any problems using anything plugged into the ports on the back of the dock, so most of the available mini display port solutions should be good to go! A.  
  • The SP3 dock has a lock, so no one can steal the dock. The tablet, though, pops out in a second. Poor design, Microsoft. Protect the cheap part...  
  • The same manufacturer has a similar product on Amazon for $200. Costs more than the dock itself.