Does Anthem support cross-platform saves?

Anthem flight
Anthem flight (Image credit: EA)

Does Anthem support cross-platform saves?

Best answer: Not between Xbox, PlayStation 4, or PC at launch. As for cross-generational saves between Xbox One and the in-development Xbox Scarlett, Anthem will allow players to carry over saves.Microsoft: Anthem Standard Edition ($60)Amazon: Anthem: Legion of Dawn Edition ($80)

When will Anthem support cross-platform saves between Xbox One, PS4, and PC?

BioWare hasn't offered a window as to when cross-platform saves could come to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or PC but as of June 2018, the developer was looking into the possibility. It's unclear whether cross-platform saves would only be supported between Xbox One/PC and PS4/PC or if all three platforms would support it between one another, allowing players on PS4 to theoretically carry over progress to Xbox One, and vice versa.

Will my progress carry over to next-generation consoles?

According to BioWare's Head of Live Service Chad Robertson, yes! While answering questions on Twitter, a fan asked Robertson if save files would carry over when upgrading to next-gen consoles, and Robertson responded with "always." This indicates that the Xbox Scarlett family of devices and PlayStation 5 may be getting Anthem at some point, though nothing is confirmed.

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