Does Gears 5 support cross-play and cross-save?

Does Gears 5 support cross-play and cross-save?

Best answer: Yes, Gears 5 supports cross-play and cross-save across all platforms, including the different PC versions on the Microsoft Store and Steam. With that said, Xbox players will have the option of disabling cross-play in ranked matches if they prefer to only play against other console players in that category.The standard experience: Gears 5 ($50 at Amazon)Jump in early: Gears 5 Ultimate Edition ($80 at Amazon)

Does Gears 5 support cross-play and cross-save between platforms?

Yes. Regardless of whether you're choosing to play Gears 5 on Xbox One, PC through the Microsoft Store, or on Steam, The Coalition has taken steps to ensure that you can carry your campaign saves, multiplayer progress, and more between platforms. Gears 5 requires an Xbox Live profile to play (a free account is sufficient), and as a result, your progress is carried over between versions of the game.

This carries over to cross-play, as players can enjoy the Campaign, Versus, Escape, and Horde modes together regardless of where they are playing. Maps built through the Builder mode can also be shared regardless of platform.

What if I'm not comfortable competing with players on a different platform?

If you have concerns about the advantage a mouse-and-keyboard user might have over someone on a controller, The Coalition hasn't forgotten about you. Xbox players can opt to disable cross-play with other platforms for ranked versus matches. There is no option for disabling it in the arcade versus mode or the non-versus modes, though the latter are all cooperative so there should be no concerns.

For more information on Gears 5's multiplayer, you can check out the list of confirmed multiplayer maps so far. Gears 5 is set to release on September 10 (September 6 for the Ultimate Edition), and as with all Xbox Game Studios titles, it's available day one on Xbox Game Pass.

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