Gears 5 multiplayer maps list: Every Arena and Hive battleground

Regardless of whether you want to fight human opponents online or waves of AI-controlled enemies, you should know that there are two kinds of maps in Gears 5. There are the Arena maps, where the team vs. team multiplayer action is happening in Arcade and other Versus modes. Arena maps are also used for Horde mode, like in past Gears of War titles. Then there are Hive maps, which are used exclusively for the new Escape mode. At launch, Gears 5 will have eleven maps: seven Arena maps and four Hive maps. We have the full list of every multiplayer map in Gears 5 right here.

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Arena maps


A nighttime map, Asylum is divided into three major lanes, with a train barreling through at different points, making traversal hazardous.


This is the largest Arena map in Gears 5, set in the ruins of a facility operated during the Pendulum Wars. Bunker is huge so you've got a lot of options for using the fortifications for cover and advancing.


One of the two maps featured in the technical test, District is full of tight lanes and doorways. Buildings and vantage points of varying heights on both sides mean you'll need to be very careful and adjust when taking cover or else risk finding yourself being flanked.


Exhibit is set in a COG museum, with all sorts of relics and oddities to examine amidst the chaos. An asymmetrical map, you'll need to be extremely careful as some of the displays are guarded by deadly laser traps.


Icebound is an Outsider trading post set in the middle of the Riftworm skeleton that is, appropriately enough, frozen over. The ice can be broken by gunfire or explosives though, meaning that anyone who goes into the chilly water will slow down, freeze and die.

Training Grounds

The second map that was in the technical test, Training Grounds is a DeeBee training facility that has been set up amidst the now-wrecked House of Sovereigns. Lots and lots of cover mean this is a fantastic map for using a sniper rifle.


A war-torn airport with the wrecks of several vehicles left in it, Vasgar is another asymmetrical map. You can take cover along the edges or risk rapidly advancing through the center, which has been turned to glass.

Hive maps

The Hive

This map is pretty much exactly what the name implies. The Hive is a massive Swarm hive with some different checkpoints so you can grab ammo and catch your breath.

The Descent

Here's more of a challenge. The Descent is a multiple-stage map, as aspiring Hivebusters will have to fight down into the heart of the Swarm hive, then fight their way back out again.

The Mines

The Mines feature a choice: at a fork in the tunnels, which way will you head? Which way is more dangerous? You'll have to choose and find out for yourself.

The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet is only one act but it is brutal. Extremely challenging foes such as multiple Scions, Wardens and Stumps will block your progress while the Venom in the air is just at your back.

More to come

While there are eleven maps at launch, more maps, both Arena and Hive type, will be coming for free in the months after Gears 5 releases. At launch, Builder mode will only allow you to create new custom Hive maps. This will change with a free future update however, that will allow you to create Arena maps within Builder mode that can be used in Versus and Horde.

Gears 5 is set to release on September 10 (September 6 for the Ultimate Edition) exclusively on Xbox One and PC. As with all Xbox Game Studios titles, it's included in Xbox Game Pass. In a first for the series, it's also going to be available on Steam.

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