Best answer: Yes, the Surface Slim pen is rechargeable and comes with a charging cradle. Also, the Signature Keyboard for the Surface Pro X has a built-in cradle for charging and holding the Slim Pen.

Charging it up

To go along with the Surface Pro X's slim body and thin bezels, the Surface Pro X works with Microsoft's new Surface Slim Pen. The new pen has a rechargeable internal battery rather than removable batteries like previous Surface Pens. When you purchase the Surface Slim Pen, it comes with a charging base that charges the pen wirelessly. The base uses a USB-C connection and then charges the Surface Slim Pen wirelessly.

Charging with a keyboard

In addition to being able to charge the Surface Slim Pen through the included charging base, the Surface Slim Pen can also be charged inside the Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard. The keyboard has a cutout above the keys that can hold and wirelessly charge the Surface Slim Pen. The keyboard folds up and holds the pen secure when it's not in use, while also making sure the pen is charged and ready to go.

The only way to get the Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard right now is to purchase the Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard with Slim Pen Bundle. The bundle includes both the Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard and the Surface Slim Pen but is cheaper than if you purchase the non-signature keyboard and the Surface Slim Pen separately.

The future of Surface Pro

Surface Pro X

The most compact Surface Pro yet

Between its impressive USB-C ports, quality display, SQ1 processor, and its wealth of RAM and storage, the Microsoft Surface Pro X looks like it's going to be an excellent device.

Bundle it up

Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard with Slim Pen Bundle

This bundle includes the Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard that features Alcantara and the Surface Slim Pen that charges wirelessly within the keyboard.

Slim down

Surface Slim Pen

The Surface Slim Pen is totally redesigned, offering a slimmer profile and wireless charging to complement the Surface Pro X and a "wide variety" of other Surface devices.

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