Does NVIDIA support FreeSync on AOC AGON AG273QCX?

AOC Agon AG273QCX (Image credit: Windows Central)

Does NVIDIA support FreeSync on AOC AGON AG273QCX?

Best answer: AOC's AGON AG273QCX does not currently support NVIDIA G-Sync, but this could change in the future. Even so, we recommend you buy one of the currently certified FreeSync panels.Amazon: AOC AGON AG273QCX ($500)Amazon: AOC AGON AG241QX ($310)

NVIDIA hasn't certified this monitor yet

NVIDIA is certifying some FreeSync monitors so they work with an NVIDIA GPU, just as they would if they were a G-Sync display. This move got everyone with a FreeSync monitor jumping up and down, believing they will be able to save money by not having to pick up a G-Sync display.

The issue is NVIDIA has only certified a few monitors and the new AGON AG273QCX from AOC isn't among them. AOC not only released a FreeSync version of this monitor, but also a G-Sync counterpart. It costs a little more and would render it almost pointless if you could purchase the FreeSync display and save money.

Thus NVIDIA and AOC have not certified this monitor to work with NVIDIA GPUs.

Will NVIDIA certify this AOC display?

I believe so, eventually. But I wouldn't purchase this FreeSync display in the hopes that this day will come as there's the possibility it never will. You'd be better off spending money wisely on a G-Sync display or one of the certified FreeSync panels. We compiled a list of all the certified monitors listed by NVIDIA if you want to save some money.

You'll also find one of these — the AOC AGON AG241QX — below, which we recommend you check out should you own an NVIDIA GPU and need a monitor with synchronization tech.

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