Can you use USB keyboards and mice with Xbox One?

Can you use USB keyboards and mice with Xbox One?

Best answer: Yes! All Xbox One consoles support USB mice and keyboards, however, there are some limitations in regards to how it works and which games support them.Best lappable combo: Razer Turret ($250 at Amazon)More affordable option: Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900 ($29 at Amazon)

Support is there, but with limitations

Razer Turret

Razer Turret (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft recently rolled out the first iteration of its support for mice in Xbox One games, although there are a ton of teething problems worth being aware of so far.

The number of games on offer with support for mouse and keyboard play is very small, with only two dozen or so titles supported so far. Here are all the games we know of so far that support mice and keyboards.

The implementation of mouse and keyboard in certain games has been a bit hit and miss, too. In They Are Billions, for example, the cursor speed is way too fast, and this is despite the developers patching in tuning improvements. Other games seem to suffer from strange input lag as well. In the case of Sea of Thieves, it felt as though the Xbox version wasn't designed for players to be able to turn as quickly as you can with a mouse, producing odd stuttering. It works far better in other titles, such as Surviving Mars and Warframe, but some of the other issues like controller time outs remain.

Beyond the limited number of games, there are some limitations on how it functions. Many games have a function where they time out if they stop detecting a controller present. Unfortunately, this doesn't include mice and keyboards, so you'll have to keep your Xbox controller nearby and repeatedly tap the buttons every now and then to stop it from automatically turning off. The Xbox interface itself frustratingly doesn't support mouse and keyboards either, so to navigate, sign in, and so on, you'll still need to have your controller present and handy.

Surviving Mars works really well with a mouse and keyboard on Xbox.

Surviving Mars works really well with a mouse and keyboard on Xbox.

Most apps on Xbox in general don't seem to support mouse and keyboard either, which isn't a great experience when switching between activities. Keyboard support by itself can be useful simply for replying to messages and typing in games that have chat functions, even if you don't fancy using a mouse to play games.

Generally speaking, Xbox clearly wasn't designed with mouse and keyboard support in mind, but it's in its early days so far, and for some games, it's actually quite a fun option.

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