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Dot View app picks up small update on the HTC One for Windows

If you are one of the many who sport the underrated HTC One (M8) for Windows, head to the Store today to grab a rare update for their app for the Dot View case.

Version is now live in the Store. This is a small bump from the 1.3 update that came in December, which brought numerous new functions including notification support for new apps.

It has been awhile since we've run the Dot View app, although we do see some newer holiday themes like April Fool's Day and Valentines, which would have automatically loaded on those holidays.

One small change we did notice was the removal of notification support for the Facebook beta app. Previously, this app registered with the Dot View case to show FB notifications on the display screen through the case. However, with today's update this option is no longer there. Instead, you need to use the mainline branch of the Facebook app. Considering the beta has not been updated since January, this is likely not a big deal.

Other than that, we are going to chalk up some bug fixes and performance improvements to this update. Let us know if you find anything else.

Download HTC Dot View

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Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • That's just awesome
  • Weirdly enough, I still can't get app updates on my dot view but opening the cover is easy enough. Good to see their still updating!
  • Mine worked great up until this update. Now I don't get any notifications anymore.
  • Ditto...i thought the case stopped working. Now for me I only get notices for text messages
  • Underrated?? I'll be buying a L640XL when it gets released lol
  • I was laughing at the use of the word many lmao. That's definitely a hyperbole
    That 640 xl looks nice so I am sure you will enjoy it.
  • You're right, I should have mocked the one partner (and its customers) Microsoft has left for Windows Phone. Forget being inclusive...
  • Long live HTC WPs!!!
  • Amen!!! My M8 rocks my world!!
  • Wow, I never looked at it that way :O
  • Totally love my M8 and props to HTC for still selling a flagship now that MS apparently can't be bothered!
    I replaced a 1520 with it and haven't looked back... NEVER ONCE been disappointed with an HTC device. EDIT: Not to say the Lumias have been disappointing... Far from it... But IR blaster FTW and dat metal construction... Me likey
  • I like my m8 for windows as well as the Xbox dot view case they gave me. :)
  • Im with you. My m8 is fast it runs great and get much better reception than my L925.
  • Don't get me wrong it's not a terrible device at all but its also no Lumia. The ONLY reason why I replaced my 1520 with the M8 was because the screen started moving(phantom touches) by itself. Otherwise I'd still have that device lol
  • No, but the word underrated is highly exaggerated considering the One M8 has sold quite well and is looked at as one of the best Android phones of 2014. Instead of underrated you could have used the word great?
  • No, it is underrated in the Windows Phone community. How is this not obvious just by looking at the comments here? Geezus, I try to throw a compliment and you guys are still critical. Ridiculous.
  • Everyone just wants to throw in their two cents.
  • I'm not allowed an opinion? I'm just saying that I think it was a stupid word to pick. Wasn't meant as critic. 
  • It's an opinion that is so tedious, it should be common sense not to even complain about.
  • It's tedious not to think the M8 is underrated?
  • Its okay Daniel I truly appreciated the compliment!
  • The M8 is underrated...rather sad. But yes, I got your context. :) thank you for being so awesome, Dan. :)
  • Hey! Geezus is *my* word and you can't have it!!!
  • HTC has released the only flagship Windows Phones in the US...ever! And they've done it twice with the 8X and One. Nether Nokia nor MS has ever done it. So stop hating on HTC.
  • Lumia 900, 920, 928, 925, 1020, 1520, and Icon were all flagships and were all better than the 8x.
  • I would put the 8X above the 900 and 920 and on par with the 928, 925, and 1020, but below the 1520 and Icon. At least the Verizon variant, that is. You wouldn't think that adding wireless charging would make a huge difference, but it really does. It also had a great camera and was much thinner and lighter than most Lumias (maybe all, honestly).
  • Is it true that the Dot View case is impossible to keep open?
  • Not impossible. It can be inconvenient when trying to take pictures one handed. I usually remove the cover. It folds behind the phone but sits at an angle on a desk or table due to its spring like closing action.
  • I just wrap it back around my phone when I'm using it. Easy enough.
  • Other than that I find it to make the phone a better overall experience. I always have admirers for the holiday themes as well.
  • For me, yes it was at first a little stiff. But after using it a while it is a lot easier to handle.
  • Yup, after loosening it from use, it'll stay open on its own when laid flat and holding it open is easy.
  • "impossible" which do you want? A case that flops around wildly or one that protects the screen proactively by snapping shut?
  • I usually just weigh it down with something if I want it open flat on a table, or hold it behind with my hand to use it open. The knockoff versions stay open by themselves
  • I only bought I because it was $11.99 at Best Buy. I think it's a cool case, but rather annoying to use. I prefer the the black & grey Speck cover with tempered glass screen protector, but if you can get it for $11.99 definitely buy it.
  • Wish it would be on Lumia. :-\
  • We have glance without this ugly case lol. Thankfully we don't have this feature but I wish glance could do more.
  • Yeah..But Glance is software related,we are talking about cases here & htc m8 for windows has the best case as it is the main selling point still the device is only available in U.S. rather Lumia devices is available worldwide but they have very ugly cases imo.
  • I find cases to hide my phones beauty lol. And I find these dot cases to be tacky looking on a nice looking phone like m8. I'd never want to use one as my daily driver, especially when there is Lumia, but if I use it naked.
  • I think there is a fine line between Glance & Dot-View case.Either one has it own benefits. And btw who doesn't love to see someone naked. :P
  • Plus the fact MS added smart case support at the OS level tells you they will probably make use of this tech for the Lumia line at some point. I'm sure people will change their tunes then.
  • Why am I not surprised that you're in an HTC article bashing HTC? You do know you can just skip these articles right? It's a shame that it's so rare to see you break out of your fanboy idiocy.
  • Okay. This case is not ugly. It's something innovative. Stop being Lumiastic. Be a bit more Windows Phoneiatic.
  • That's exactly what I was thinking.
  • I should have picked up a dot view case but read reviews saying it was not very protective.
  • It's a mid-level protection. Will it save it from a drop? Not 100% but it will certainly protect the finish and some dings.
  • I agree with Dan. It'll certainly protect from scratches, dings and the initial drop but there's been a couple of times that my One has popped out of the case upon impact. It's definitely not worth full price (At&t selling it for $45 is highway robbery) but if you can get it for cheaper, go for it.
  • I found one on Amazon a few months back for $8.  Picked it up 'just because' and even though my daughter doesn't use it often, it's nice to know she can... For my son's M8 we got the free Xbox green one which he enjoys as well.  Now, $45 for either one would be completely ridiculous...
  • Whoa, $8? I thought I got a great deal for $11.99 when I walked out of Best Buy with it and bought it "just because" also.
  • I find that when I drop it the phone pops out of the case - but by absorbing the shock in that way the phone is protected.
  • Rather funny I think making fun of the only WP partner who put out a high end WP even if it is a knock off from an android I guess with Windows central if its not a Lumia low or middle range its not phased as the best dam thing to come out for WP
  • I'm actually considering trading in my Xperia Z3 for the One M8 for Windows seeing as it is the highest end Windows Phone T-Mobile carries if it is still available. I'm just waiting to see if Windows 10 will make it's hardware obsolete but I think it can hold up for two years at least.
  • HTC has promised to update the phone for 2 years from the date of launch. I would say it's a safe bet it will be getting W10. HTC/Microsoft are probably working on it as we speak. If it doesn't get Il probably shed a tear... Lol
  • Stupid TMO EOL'ed it.  You can get it from HTC directly, however.
  • Oh ok I might as well wait for the flagship and see if T-Mobile gets it then. Also considering Apple this fall if T-Mobile doesn't get a Windows flagship from Microsoft for the sole reason of bypassing carrier testing/waiting for them to approve updates and Apple's excellent software in the video editing department. But if anything close to a 925 replacement with updated specs and a memory card comes to T-Mobile then I'm all in.
  • I have the dot view and really enjoy what it does. I had a Lumia previously and never enjoyed glance although I tried to like it because it was an exclusive feature.
    The dot view (without the phone in it doesn't seem like much but it fits and feels very nice. The information on it is much better than glance.
    I didn't want to cover the beautiful finish of the m8 either but it makes a nice complete package.
    As far as protection I feel that it's pretty safe in all but the worst cases. And I don't need a screen protector which is a big advantage for me.
    For some reason the phone has a slimmer feel with it on. I can't stand these huge extreme cases that make any phone feel like a brick and look even worse.
    Anyway it works well for me but to each their own.
  • The m8 is defintely underrated as a WP device. I hesitated upgrading from a L925 but now I'm so happy that I did. It's is noticeably faster across the board which was worth the upgrade alone, but I'm really liking the speakers and sleekness of the device. The dot view is a decent substitute for glance and the cases are dirt cheap now (though it has some drawbacks). I was really wanted a 930 on ATT but I'm more than happy with the M8. Sure the camera is a step down from the Lumia, but it excels in other areas so it sort of balances out. We should be very thankful for HTC supporting WP. ​ ​ ​ ​
  • Was and still is, hideous.
  • I love my M8. Gorgeous phone, extremely powerful. Love the boomsound speakers and the MicroSD card slot in particular. I probably have loaded over 100GB of music on it by now. I didn't originally use the dot view case, but I recently picked up the free Xbox branded dot view case that HTC was giving away, and now I'm hooked. Love it.
  • Anybody having issue with dot view working on phone calls after the update?
  • See my post below... Related?
  • Strangely enough, ever since the update, I'm getting no notifications on the case for anything except text messages even though I have it all checked
  • I got the same issue! It is really frustrating as the previous version was working fine and now I get no notifications.
  • If anyone figures this out please let me know. It's been drivng me nuts for 2 days. I liked those functions.
  • Exactly! I just came back to this article just to read the comments and find out if I was the only one having issues with my case after this update. Thought maybe I had a bad install. Since there is no way to roll back app updates on WP I decided to factory reset my device which fixed my case issues and I wouldn't recommend installing this update again if u want to use your case as intended. FIX THIS HTC!
  • Updated app today. Issues fixed!
  • I just got an update of HTC Dot View  on my HTC One M8 running W10 build 10166. But it (still) doesn't appear on my app lists and neither on the menu. Anyone else got the update today? Are you able to use it?