Double up your PC's security with Heimdal Security Pro for $50

Every day there seems to be another report of a high-profile ransomware scare or other hacker exploit, and it leaves many of us feeling helpless against internet threats.

Add a second layer of security to your PC for just $50!

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Sure, you have an antivirus installed, but a tool like Heimdal Security Pro adds another layer of security. Whereas most antivirus software relies on a signature-based approach to security, Heimdal Security Pro scans incoming and outgoing communications with the internet to detect malware, updates apps to ensure they're secure and filters internet traffic to keep out the shady stuff.

Right now, Windows Central Digital Offers has a deal on a couple of one-year subscriptions. You can grab a one-year plan that covers four PCs for just $50 (that's 88% off the regular price of $446), or you can grab a one-year plan that covers one PC for just $30.

Use code DIGITALWEEK15 for an extra 15% off ($38.25 / $21.25)!

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If you're worried that your antivirus isn't cutting it against malware, Heimdal Security Pro is a solid addition that works with your antivirus to double security and offer you peace of mind. Don't wait too long; this deal won't last forever.

WC Staff