Win $5 of Microsoft account credit in our Dream of Pixels contest [Winners announced]

Today Windows Phone Central looked at a software tool called Automagical that allows developers to translate iOS and Mac source code to the language used by Windows Phone and Windows 8. Automagical developer Dawn of Play used that same tool to bring gorgeous reverse Tetris puzzle game Dream of Pixels to Windows Phone.

Now that we've gotten the word out about Automagical and Dream of Pixels, it's time for a contest! Dawn of Play has provided five $5 gift card codes for US Microsoft Accounts (including Xbox Live) for us to give away. All you have to do to enter is follow some Twitter and Twitch accounts and drop a comment on this article. The contest ends at midnight CST (-0600) tonight, so hurry to enter!

Dream of Pixels

The basic concept of Dream of Pixels is that players must take apart a large mass of blocks found at the top of the screen. It's like reverse Tetris, disassembling the block pile instead of putting it together,

You can't just tap away at the block pile with abandon, though. There are rules to this demolition project. First of all, you're looking for a specific Tetromino (piece) to pull out of the stack. You can usually remove that shape from several points within the block mass, and even press and hold to rotate the shape you're going to remove.

Dream of Pixels

Pulling the blocks off at random will leave lots of random floating blocks in the stack. Players can't interact with disconnected blocks, and they will cause the game to end if you let them touch the bottom of the screen. Luckily, clearing the lines between the stack and the floaters will cause those floaters to return to the stack.

Dream of Pixels is a colorful and challenging puzzle game with multiple modes to keep even the smartest player puzzled. Give the trial a shot or grab the game outright if you enjoy a good puzzler.

How to enter

You know what would make Dream of Pixels easier to buy? A five dollar credit on your Microsoft account!

We have five codes to give away, and they are only for US Microsoft accounts. I can't stress that enough; don't enter if you don't have a US account. Also, these codes will expire this weekend, so you'll want to use your code right away if you win.

To enter:

  1. Follow these Twitter accounts: @DawnofPlay @wpcentral @PaulRAcevedo
  2. Follow my account (yes, I'm trying to build up followers): EastXTwitch
  3. Leave a comment with your Twitter handle, Twitch username, and Windows Phone Central forum username.

Winners will be contacted via private message on our forums on Wednesday, September 24. The winning names will also be posted on this article, but you need to check your PMs to get the code. The contest ends tonight, so don't delay!

  • Dream of Pixels – Windows Phone 8 – 66 MB – $2.99 – Store Link

QR: Dream of Pixels


Thanks to everyone who entered. I wish we had more prizes to give away! Here are the lucky winners:

  1. RothSothy
  2. c41
  3. viper1829
  4. Draconica5
  5. kitnb

If you're on that list, make sure you check your private messages in our forums to get your prize!

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • A whole 5 dollars, that's crazy!
  • It's just a quick and fun little contest. Developers can't give out codes for their games directly, so giving away Microsoft gift codes is the next best option.
  • Lol, don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Or eye. Or ass.
  • Paul, only US?
  • You have to have a US account. You don't have to be in the US.
  • Nah, too bored creating a US account to just enter a contest. You should stop those contests only for us and stuff. They are really frustrating to the rest of us
  • I guess I could have just cashed in the codes the developer sent on my own account, but that would be selfish.Better to give them away, even if not everybody can use them.
  • Yeah, I guess, buy you have money anyway :) I didn't know part of the goods of getting a windows phone news website editor, is getting free codes by devs..! :o
  • To be clear, we don't take bribes or anything like that. I first wrote about Dream of Pixels because I like it, before I had ever talked to the developer. I had to buy the game myself since devs can't give out their games on WP anyway. Recently the developer sent the codes in hopes that we would run a contest like this, and we agreed. I could have returned them, but it's more fun to have a small contest like this.
  • Sorry if it sounded like that, I was just surprised.. :) Yeah, the part that you give back to the community is awesome, no blaming in that.. Keep up the good work (y)
  • I can use that...
  • Twitter: RothSothy Twitch: RothSothy WPCentral Forum: RothSothy   "Dream of Pixels" is a really nice title.
  • @Avid_Geek twitter Avid_Geek Twitch Nathan Gaca WPC
  • "Leave a comment with your Twitter handleTwitch username, and Windows Phone Central forum username." [deleted] You mean like this? If so, that's my comment :) The game looks wonderful and who knows maybe it will be my first WP game I'll get sticked to.
  • Works for me!
  • Now I looked back and all of my happiness is gone. It's for US accounts only :/ I'll just erase unnecessary info in my comment >_<
  • Done, Done, Done, and Done... WPC: jowsley1829 Twitter: @viper1829 Twitch: viper1829   thx
  • this 5 bucks can be usefull for me :D
  • Why is this app so **** big??
  • Because it has really nice 3D graphics and a bunch of levels.
  • I would press that install button right away, but I have limited space that I keep for just the best games **cough** **asphalt onedrive** **cough**, so it's a no just for that. Unless you brother it is really really worth downloading. What your opinion on that one Paul?
  • Well, it's definitely one of the prettiest falling block-style puzzle games I've seen, and I like how creative the gameplay is. But I would just try the trial first to see how you like the gameplay.
  • Ok, sure :)
  • And music! ;)
  • (y)
  • Twitch: p073k
    Twitter: P073G
    WPCentral: P073K
  • Why only U.S.???
  • The codes the developer received from Microsoft are for US accounts only.
  • I must win
  • Probably not going to enter the contest but since the last article you guys posted about this game I downloaded it. It's really a great game. I play it all of the time.
  • @dawkins_ricardo Twitter Ricardodawkins Twitch Ricardo Dawkins WPC
  • @darthcircuit and darthcircuit for the other two. I love all your contests :)
  • twitter: @fmukbil twitch: fmukbil WPcentral: fahmi bassem --i feel luckuy :)
  • I'll end up losing like always so I'm not gonna even waste my time to make a twitch account
  • *thumbs up*
  • sound great :D
  • Comment dropped
  • Twitter: cmlndz09 Twitch: cmlndz09 WPCentral: tire_007
  • The deed is done ;)
    I'm IceDree on Twitter, IceDree on WPCentral & MobileNations, IceDree on Twitch.
  • Btw. What is twitch?
  • Follow the link and see! Naw, I'll tell ya. It's a site through which people stream games for others to see. Viewers can chat with the streamer, making it a fun social experience. We held a twitch streaming event yesterday to show a preview of Forza Horizon 2 for Xbox One.
  • Thanks, :) I'm going to sign up for it right away.
  • Thank you for supporting devices that have only 512MB RAM and for the overall support of the Windows Phone ecosystem.
  • I don't have twitter....i hate all social media....twitch is CitrusMocha, as is WPCentral....CitrusMocha
  • I just did all that you asked for the contest, my twitter handle is @dandktweets and my user name for twitch and WP central are the same, lrn2board, thanks!!
  • Twiter @sethchas Twitch SethChas WPC SethChas  
  • I'm not going to enter, but wanted to comment. I bought Dream of Pixels after reading the review here on WPC a few months back. EXCELLENT, ADDICTIVE game. My only frustration was losing my high scores when I did the NSRT/cyan thing on my 920. Looking forward to next gen updates that include game progress in backups. I hope the Dream of Pixels devs will take advantage of the feature. Good luck, everyone!
  • Twitter: McWilliamsMax
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  • Twitter: eduardoemiliovs Twitch: eduardoemiliovs WPCentral Forum: eduardoemiliovs   I love you guys!!! :D hahaha
  • Sure, why not.. Twitter: @astroXP Twitch: astroXP WPCentral: astroXP
  • All done! Twitter: @Draconica5
    Twitch: Draconica5
    WPC forum: Draconica5
  • Yay! I won! :D I will buy this game after I finish updating my phone to Cyan update for DevPreview! :D
  • Complete TT DawidRokita25
  • Username drankurn on all.
  • Twitter: @Chriis33_
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  • Twitter: @Razer0328
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  • Twitter: felipelbrasil Twitch: felipelbrasil WPCentral: felipelbrasil (:
  • @tadfi my twitter and iget follow my wpc name mohammedtatfi
  • Seriously -_-
  • Cool, this game is pretty unique and looks like a lot of fun!
  • Done :D
    wpc: fadizia
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  • Twitter: @llan0
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    WPCentral: @llan0 ¡Nice game! :D
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    Nice Game!
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    Done. Ty paul
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  • lucasfsalvador (twitter) LucasRaynor (Twithc) LucasLumia (WPC)
  • Yup! I will take one plz
  • Twitter: peinao Twitcher: armanironaldo WPCentral: mango.lover
  • Done...My Forums Name is: TheMightyCraken, Twitch: TheMightyCraken, Twitter:TheMightyCraken
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  • Evry1luvant,MTARaylz,Raylz..... done
  • Looks a promising game! Twitter: @npafaller
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  • Twitter handle: @ams963 Twitch username: ams963 Windows Phone Central forum username: ams963   I hope I win.
  • Twitter: @meitman Twitch: Meitniear WPCentral Forum: MEITNIEAR   Sounds like an interesting twist on a tetris-type game. Thanks for the chance to win!
  • More social media skewing for contests... I'm shut out again. Thanks WPC.
  • Twitter @lozenp Twitch @plozen WP Central lozenp
  • Aboveaverage12 is my twitter, WP Central user name, and twitch user name
  • All done! Hope I win. :) Twitter: kitn Twitch: kitnb WPC: kitn
  • I'm in. This game looks great! Twitch: lordscion01 Twitter: JALuna01 WPForum: scionluna
  • That's really cool
  • Twitter: usamanwar Twitch: usamanwar wpcentral: usamanwar All done
  • Sa_Raavan twitter user name & WPCentral User name
  • Twitter: samarth_91 Twitch: samarth_91 WPCentral Forum: Samarth Sevak   I am sure I will win this
  • I think it is on sale. I check the price is $1.49 instead of $2.99
  • i want $5
  • i haven't got a twitch account, and i live in the netherlands, but i have won a us only contest before, and by changing the region i was able to add the code and use the credits, my twitter name is mjz92
  • Twitter:markoperko1 Twitch:entertainer789 WPcentral: Marko Uzarevic   Lets hope for best ^^
  • love dream of pixels. no xbox? :(
  • twitter handle florindan29 twitter username florindan29 wpcentral forum username FLORINDAN29  
  • sorry  twitter florindan29 twich florindan29  wpcentral forum  FLORINDAN29
  • Still waiting on my gift card from Microsoft when I bought my Xbox One..
  • Twitter handle = dscammell
    Twitch username = pischk
    Windows Phone Central forum username = pischk Done! Looking forward to the $5 credit on my Microsoft account!  :-) Thanks!
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