Even more T-Mobile Touch Pro 2, with video!

We know it's painful, and you're tired of being teased by the T-Mobile Touch Pro 2. As are we. And we promise, this will be the last you see of leaks of it until ... well, until the next leak. But this one from TmoNews is quite a haul, so we'll just grin and bear it.

We'll start with the video you see above, apparently shot with an iPhone 3GS. (Grits teeth even harder ...) After the break, some of the best pictures we've seen thus far, along with another video.

Just. A. Few. More. Weeks.

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  • WOW! does anybody else think this is the worst rendition possible? I thought the ATT renderings were bad with the red keyboard but wow they managed to turn a beautiful phone into an ugly one
  • I agree t-mobile seems to have made a beautiful ugly, I'm waiting for sprints version to come out. At least T-mobile subscribers will be the first to play with it and that's enough to make me jealous. Enjoy your ugly phone you jerks!! j/k :)
  • They did seem to put a door where one can get to the memory card slot easier though +1 for that.
  • OMG....
    I can't wait for this to hit Sprint!
  • If I was on a GSM network this would be pretty cool to have
  • Is they going to release it? That's the first line come to my mind whenever I see another leak image. Hope it come soon on the market.
  • It's just tremendously disappointing they will not be including UMA in this phone. T-Mobile's network is just too weak I am finding to justify staying with it in the absence of UMA. Ugh.
  • now i dont know who has the worst back cover so far...tmo or sprint! i think sprint's leaked picture of the back is slightly better. let's just hope it doesnt make it to stores. I have a feeling GSM Euro TP2 backcovers will sell well from suppliers. So c'mon sprint...release date for tp2 so we can celebrate good times...(like the background music from the first video, Kool & The Gang - Celebrate)
  • I cant stand waiting for the release. All this leak crap. Lets get the show on the road!
  • i will b leaving tmobile because i am sick and tired of the weak network, ugly phones, mediocre to no services like media......tzones in total bullshit!!!!! i WILL get my tp2 str8 from the manuf!!!!! this i ssuch BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!
  • hope sprint gets this phone soon. i wont give up my service or everything plan to switch to t-mobile just for this phone