T-Mobile announces Touch Pro 2 ... on Twitter

It's times like these we loath Twitter. T-Mobile took to the twitterverse [via] to tease us (or is it twease us?) that the Touch Pro 2 is in fact coming "this summer." Thanks. We kinda figured that. Couldn't give us the release date? Pricing? Heck, they had 62 characters left!

Speaking of the Touch Pro 2, the picture to the right here brings us another piece of evidence pointing to an Aug. 12 launch on T-Mobile. That puts it outside the window of the slew of launch parties. Thanks to TmoNews for that one. No thanks to Twitter.

Phil Nickinson

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  • if ATT don't announce the touch pro 2 soon I'm going to be switching to T-mobile the day this is released.
  • How the heck is the keyboard smaller than the 755p? You do realize that it has a 5 row slide out keyboard. Even if you meant to refer to the on-screen HTC keyboard, it is still on par if not bigger than the Treo keyboards.
  • I saw this phone at CES coming to Sprint, I waited it out. It is so much more enjoyable to me than the iPhone was! The web browser is amazing and will be getting flash this year while the iPhone wont! That's huge! The keyboard is a bit smaller than my Treo 755p was but I have gotten used to it and take it any day over that awful iPhone onscreen keyboard which you practically need a stylus with for accuracy.
  • You could also get an Android Magic, which is much more likely to be around in a few years than the Pre, in my opinion
  • i jus hope it is not that ugly monstrosity in the above pic!!!!!!! we at tmobile want the original tp2 the one on the htc site.....u know the sexy shiny sleek one. i dont mean to b harsh but i've owned every pda/ppc tmobile has offered and it is long over due for us to have that sexy device not the black brick in the pic!!!!!!
  • i agree 100% with piosenki. that brick in the pic is like the ugly twin. Now if Sprint will just start spittin' out information on the tp2 release date so I know when to jump the att ship.