Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 — List of every playable specialist

Call of Duty: Black Ops is back and is solely focused on multiplayer. But just because there's no campaign doesn't mean there's no narrative: all of the specialists in the game have their own unique traits, so players can still connect to a larger lore while they're racking up kills.

Here are all the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Specialists!


Nomad returns from Black Ops 3, and he can be used by players to command a K9 Unit. The dog can either follow alongside you or patrol a specific location. Nomad's unique equipment is the Mesh Mine, a series of lethal traps to kill enemy players.


Another returning character is Ruin. Ruin is great for players who like fast mobility since he comes equipped with a grapple gun to zip around the map. In addition to the standard weaponry, Ruin comes with the Grav Slam: a handheld kinetic device that deals a whole lotta damage at the point of impact.


Prophet also comes back from Black Ops 3, and his special equipment is the Seeker Shock Mine. When deployed, the Seeker Shock Mine will track enemies and temporarily paralyze them so you can finish them off. Prophet's special weapon is the Tempest: a rifle that fires electrically charged rounds to paralyze enemies. If a few enemies are grouped together, the Tempest will be able to incapacitate them all.


One of the new specialists is Ajax: a character for close-quarters fights. Ajax's special equipment is the 9-Bang grenade, which acts as both a flashbang and a stun grenade. His special weapon is a Ballistic Shield with a twist: a built-in machine pistol for mowing down enemies.


Another newby is Crash: the support guy. Think of the dedicated medics in other games, but better. Crash's special equipment is the Assault Pack, which gives extra points for defeating enemies. His special weapon is the TAK-5, which heals and boosts health for the player and the team.


Seraph makes her return and does so with some great tools for your team. Her special equipment is the Tac Deploy, which serves as a beacon to let your team redeploy nearby. Her special weapon is the Annihilator: a giant rifle that fires giant rounds and tears through almost everything.


Firebreak is also back, with some tools to degrade your enemies rather than outright defeat them. Firebreak's special equipment is the Reactor Core, which dumps radiation onto nearby enemies to reduce their health and keep them from healing. The character's name comes from the special weapon: a Flamethrower that can be used for area denial or to just burn nearby enemies.


Battery's back as well, with a focus on grenades. The special equipment is a Cluster Grenade that will stick to surfaces and detonate if an enemy walks to close. Battery's special weapon is the War Machine: a super-powerful grenade launcher.


No military operation is successful without reconnaissance, and Recon appropriately does that for your team. You get a Sensor Dart as the special equipment, which shows enemies that are nearby. For the special weapon you can use the Vision Pulse: it scans the entire map to reveal all the enemies to your entire team.


The last new Specialist is Torque. He lets players use the Razor Wire for equipment, so you damage and slow enemies that cross over the wire. For special weaponry, Torque can deploy the Barricade reinforced cover. The Barricade also has a microwave field built-in to slow and damage enemies.

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Tom Westrick