Everything You Could Want Is Packed In This Smart Wallet

We're living in an increasingly cashless society where even your debit, credit, and loyalty cards are starting to go digital, too. That might make that leather wallet in your back pocket feel pretty obsolete, but that doesn't mean that all wallets are made equal in 2018.

The Volterman team has been working on a lineup of the most technologically advanced wallets you've ever seen. These slim and lightweight leather wallets include useful features including a built-in power bank, GPS tracking, a distance alarm so you never leave your wallet (or phone) behind, and even a tiny camera that becomes active when you set your wallet to "Lost Mode" in the Volterman app (available for iOS and Android) that will snap a picture if any would-be thieves.

Volterman wallets are made of premium leather or faux leather (you get to choose which you want) and feature a sleek and stylish design. There are three styles to choose from: a basic Cardholder wallet, a more traditional Bifold wallet, and a larger Travel wallet that's big enough to stow away your passport. All the high-tech features are included in each model, so no matter which style you opt for you'll get one all the cool features, including wireless charging functionality!

You can get the Volterman Cardholder perk with a $115 pledge, the Bifold wallet perk with a $169 pledge, or the Travel wallet with a pledge of $179. You'll save up to 40% off the retail price for these wallets so it's quite a deal for a futuristic wallet that you'll cherish for years.

This is the first Indiegogo campaign by Volterman which has already raised nearly $2.5 million and have already started shipping to backers — but you're still able to pledge to get your own. Volterman has been active on their page responding to backers and they seem to be set to support their products for the foreseeable future.

See Volterman on Kickstarter

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Marc Lagace