Everything you need to know about the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

Windows Update Insider
Windows Update Insider (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft is now finalizing and preparing to release the next big update to Windows 10. Known as the "Spring Creators Update" or "Version 1803," this next update for Windows 10 comes packing new improvements, UI changes, security enhancements, and features for you to enjoy. So when is the update coming? How big will the update be? What features can I expect? Here's everything you need to know about the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update.

When is it coming?

Microsoft is yet to announce when the update will be released, however, if history is to repeat itself, we can expect to see the update begin rolling out in April. If history is to repeat itself, sources say the update could begin rolling out on Patch Tuesday, April 10, just like Microsoft did with the original Creators Update release.

While the update will begin its rollout in April, not everyone will get it straight away. Microsoft likes to roll out updates in waves to ensure there aren't any major issues with the update itself. Once it determines that the initial update wave went smoothly, it will slowly broaden availability of the update out to more people over time. This can take a few months to fully complete, so be patient.

If you're a Windows Insider, you can expect to receive the final release build of the Spring Creators Update before April. I'm told an RTM build will be chosen this week, meaning Insiders should receive the RTM in a flight before the end of March, which should subsequently be promoted to the Slow ring, and eventually the Release Preview ring before rolling out to the public.

How big is the update?

Windows 10 Cloud Wallpaper

Windows 10 Cloud Wallpaper (Image credit: Microsoft)

Most feature updates for Windows 10 come in at around 3GB, but depending on your system this will vary. The update will show up in Windows Update under the name "Feature update to Windows 10, version 1803" that will bring with it all the newest features and updates. You can postpone the update for 7 days if you wish, but the update will eventually need to install.

The larger Windows 10 feature updates take a little longer than a normal update does to install. Once downloaded, it can take anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes to fully install depending on your device, so make sure you set some time aside to apply the update so that you aren't interrupted when working on an important essay or watching a movie. There's nothing worse than being interrupted by Windows Update.

What's coming in the update?

The Windows 10 Spring Creators Update is packing lots of new changes and features, including updates to Microsoft Edge, the Action Center, Task View and more. The biggest new feature available in the Spring Creators Update is a new addition to Task View called Timeline, which allows you to go back up to 30 days and resume open documents and programs.

Other changes include a slightly redesigned Settings app, improvements to the design of Windows 10, a new Cortana Notebook and Lists app, a new feature called Nearby Share that lets you send links, documents, photos and more across Bluetooth to devices that are near you, and a brand new reading mode experience in Microsoft Edge.

Top features coming in the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

Several old Control Panel elements such as Sounds, Fonts, Languages and more have been moved into the Settings app with this update, meaning some old settings and configurable options are no longer available in the Control Panel. You can find all the updated settings in the Windows 10 Settings app. Also worth noting is Quiet Hours has been renamed to Focus Assist and given lots of new options and features.

Will I be able to clean install the update?

If you're a more advanced user, you will be able to do a clean install of the Spring Creators Update once Microsoft updates the Media Creation Tool. While most users will want to upgrade via Windows Update, some advanced users might want to wipe their PC and do a clean install of the latest Windows 10 update. This will be possible closer to the time of release.

I'm not an insider, can I get the update early?

If you're not an Insider but want to install the update before its released, Microsoft may release a Windows 10 update tool a week or so before expected launch for anyone who wants in early. Microsoft did this last year with the Fall Creators Update, so it's possible that they will do the same again. If they don't, your only real option will be to join the Windows Insider Release Preview ring, which will give you the stable update early.

Stay tuned

So there you have it, that should be everything you need to know about the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update. We'll have a review of the update on Windows Central very soon, so stay tuned for that and let us know in the comments what you're most excited about in the Spring Creators Update!

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